Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wonderful Life Full of Surprises!

I awoke the sun shining this morning & a fantastic view too!

 The blue sky & water, well I cut the grass yesterday & there was no dew last night. With the warm weather now upon us, hopefully the grass will slow down its growth.
 This is my bedroom view.

With a zoom, this is the neighbours yard. Six motorhomes/trailers have arrived for the long weekend. I hope in time my friends with trailers come for a visit to my shoreside. Gorgeous weather this weekend!

The Farmer's Wife Quilt has begun! Liz thank you for the book & patterns! Yours is truly a work of art & since it took you 2 years, I feel confident that Paulette & I will get it done in that time frame too. How's it going Paulette? Send me photos of your blocks, I'm looking forward to seeing your great colour choices for this quilt project, such a happy palette.
I'm really enjoying the read of the Farmer's Wife, it's all done in the 1922 era but so parallel to the country life versus the city life! Peer pressure without electronics, just everyday wholesome living on the farm. Julia I think of you & your husband as I read the stories.

 Here's block 1 - Attic Windows         Block 2 - Autumn Tints
 Block 4 - Basket Weave         Block 3- Basket  OK 4 done of the 111 blocks! Yes that's why it takes awhile to finish this quilt & no two blocks are the same!


 My new umbrella stand!
 Last week Elizabeth surprised me with this umbrella stand! She said it just belonged with me at the cottage. I love it! Thank you my friend!
The umbrella stand is now located at the front door, holding walking sticks & umbrella's. Yes it does look at home there.

Life is so good for me & then today I get an email that just says 'Happy Anniversary' & this picture!!!

It's a sewing table that I've been drooling over at The Red Door Antique Shoppe. The sewing table is 140 years old! It has all the original finishes & it's such a unique piece! I knew I had a lot of antique furniture, some still in storage & Bill is always tongue lashing me on my furniture hording!
Remember our move to the east? That's just a sampling, I love furniture that has history or a story to it. I use to purchase furniture from as far away as England!

Thank you Bill for feeding my love of antiques, namely this beautiful sewing table! I love you! After 29 years you can still surprise me! Happy 27th Anniversary to me! :-)
My Soul-mate! It's a wonderful life!

Thanks for stopping by & have a great Canada Day this week!

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