Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Positive Progress

I was at Jean's this Sunday & we picked Lily of The Valley for inside our homes. Such a wonderful fragrance & pretty little white bells.

An awe moment!
My 'boys of summer' Diesel & Boris


Now onto the 'progress'.
This is the cottage back in November 2012. Jean was tiered watching us move about getting dimensions on rooms & windows, for our return the following May 2013.

May 2013 arrived & so did we! With all our building supplies & many gallons of paint. The very large window was removed & double garden doors were installed.

Now this year 2014 so much more will get do. Today the first of the new sixteen windows was installed today. This gaping hole is the large window removed, this is the  same window that's behind Jean, sitting on the couch, in the first photo.

 The window opening was cut even higher to accommodate the new window.

 The new window is installed. During the installation an ant nest in the walls was discovered. I had ants last year but I thought that I'd gotten rid of them! Surprise 100's of them & the wood under the window had to be replaced due to the wood rot. I knew this was going to be a bigger job than expected, I'm just glad that this should be the last summer of ants for me! I sprayed, sprinkled fossil flour & made borax & sugar & placed it in empty pop cans around the foundation of the house. Boiling water over their nests will be next, these are pests that I want gone!

 Here's the new window, well really six window to this unit! You can see how much bigger this one is from the top of the window peaking through. I'll have the curtain rod raised after the trim has been installed. 5 out of 6 of the windows open!! Non of the old ones did, this is going to be so good getting a summer breeze going through the room!


Penny Candy Quilt
 The quilt is done & hopefully tomorrow it will be off to Kyrstal, the long-arm quilter.

I think this quilt has a real 30's feel to it & being called Penny Candy, I remember my 'penny candy' purchases, in the 60's. My grandpa would give me a dime or nickel & off to the store I would go to get a 'boodle bag' for 2 cents & some penny candy. The dentist loved me! I had so many fillings growing up & I'm sure the penny candy had a lot to do with it! lol
How summery this quilt is & will look good on the guest bed or draped over the couch, it has that summer look to it. I've not seen too much of summer but then again it's not summer till the 21st.!

Thanks for stopping by & do stop by again to see more 'summer progress' as it unfolds. :-)


  1. Lucky you getting new windows. You'll be getting lots of light. I'm glad that you've discovered the ants nest. I have tiny ants that comes in once in a while but I haven't found their nest. There are always lots of ants outside.

    Oh... how lovely your quilt looks. Very fresh and light for Summer. It will look perfect wherever you put it. Great job...

    I have some Lilies of the Valley growing on the North side of the house but they are not in bloom yet. They sure do smell nice.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. You are going to have a brand new house when you finish. So lovely for you looking out onto the water. Oh I miss the ocean.....
    Love the 30's quilt. I must finish the boarder on mine. Thanks for inching me along.
    Hope you are enjoying your time east.
    Miss you