Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Night in the Forest ; -)

The Night in the Forest is finally done! It's off to the longarm quilter tomorrow. I'm hoping that the Heat & Bond is not a problem for her as it feels real stiff. The moon, stars, squirrels & rabbits are all done in the recycled wool, I never used the Heat & Bond on them as the fabric was thick & it was hard to stitch down, specifically on any bias cut area.
Christel is the longarm machine operator but her talents don't stop there! She owns & operates her own plane too! On Sunday morning I heard her circling around the cottage & to my surprise it was her!! She took a photo of the cottage, oh my it's so torn up from all the things that went on last fall & now with the windows & door & insulation & year is going to be such a year, I can feel it! Love this photo Christel!! Thank you!
Great picture Christel! 
The lawn doesn't look as big from up there! lol

Now for some more finishing!

The old front entry system has been removed & this is where the new front door will be installed.
Boris just loves the attention he gets from all the coming & going on these days.

Installed & the glass is frosted inside, making the cleaning very easy!
It's so much brighter now, I just love it! Thanks Hank & for those 15 windows. :-)

The entry system is done, the five windows are now going to change. The front window is two rooms, bathroom & laundry room. The upstairs window on the left is two rooms too! Top of the staircase & bathroom window, a very import window right now as it is the only window that opens on the 2nd storey! Soon all windows will open & the breeze that will move through this cottage, no A/C unit will be needed! The front of the cottage is so torn up too! I'm not doing much till next year, after the dust settles I'm going to plant some colour.

My friend, Virgine died last year & I never went to her resting place till now.
My neighbour Margie makes flower saddles for tombstones & I asked for a pink one for my dear friend. It sure looked good on the headstone, nice work Margie!



                                     After! :-)

God blessed me having you as my friend, I love & miss you Virgine.

Well it's been a full week & it's not over with yet. I'm getting so excited as Bill's back from China & will be visiting me soon. It's going to be our 27th wedding anniversary & I think we're going into town to have a Chinese dinner...not like he's use to, remember those 'chicken fingers'?!!! LOL 

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  1. Wow, the place is going to be so nice with all the new windows. The quilt looks lovely.

    It's fun seeing your cottage from the air. We had an aerial photo of our house and farm taken by a friend some years ago.

    I wish you a Happy Anniversary. I just wish I would be celebrating my 27th. For us it will be our 49th in February. Hard to believe how we get old fast once we hit a certain age.

    How sweet of you to honor your dear friend with flowers on her tombstone.
    Have a great reunion with Bill and no... no chicken fingers like those in China. lol