Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Fun

 Sunday morning began with a real cool breeze off the water & plenty of sunshine. With it being so cool I was able to have the doors & windows open with no curtains or shades to diffuse the hot light. It was a perfect morning! What could I do on this perfect day...have a me day! yes...

That would be a day of sewing what I want to sew, not what needs sewing(those roman shades are the song that never ends, just three more) I was looking at my bathmat & how old it was looking, but still in good shape. I'll monogram it to give it a bit of a personal touch. I had two hours before church, plenty of time.
 Here's the plain bathmat...
 Here it is with the family monogram on it, I think that did the trick! I used the 'R' from CIRCUS from one of my Tilda books. The fabric is from an old wool blanket of Boris' that he shredded, it's been washed more than a dozen times so no shrinking with this wool. I used heat & bond to hold it in place while the blanket stitch was sewing it in place. Voila!

 On my way upstairs to audition this bathmat, I smiled at Tommy have a snooze on my Stoneware Horse.  I was working on it last night but with the black/grey coloured yarn it was getting hard on my eyes & I just left it on the couch.  Tommy's happy, a cozy cat enjoying his Sunday morning too. :-)

 The finished product adds a personal touch to my newly painted bathroom.


On my way to & from church I couldn't help but view the colours that graced the long lane-way. When I got home I grabbed a pair of scissors & Boris & I went flower cutting. How blessed of a day with all natures beauty to have it 'just there'.
And now here!  Purples, yellows, & whites, beautiful!

I installed a wee shelf that was a thift store find this week in the newly painted laundry room & now have a place to put a plant but for now it's the fresh lane-way flowers.

 The wild rose bushes are in abundance here & I purchased one for the other cottage last year. The smell from these beauties are heavenly. There are dark pink bushes & light pink bushes everywhere this summer. It sure is pretty here at the cottage & this Sunday has allowed me to see & feel this special place in the maritime.

Now for the sewing that I've been longing to do. My girlfriend Ursula introduced me to the world of Tilda by Tone Finnanger. Her designs are whimsical, stuffed toys, quilted bags, applique, so much of the things that I enjoy doing. So I ordered from Amazon some of her books, today I had the time to 'play' with her design of the Tilda Angel doll. I did not make her angel wings as I want her clothes to be able to be changed. The wings are sewn onto the clothes...maybe her clothes will come with wings. LOL
 This is Tilda's arm... yes Bev it's small! Tone Finnager gives instruction on techniques & lots of pictures to show how. That's a plastic batten piece from the roman shades & I used a pencil sharpener to get a bit of a point on it. It was a hint from her book.

 Here's her body, arms, legs that are stuffed to the knees. Once the knees have stitches in them I can continue to finish stuffing the legs.
 The breeze & sun in the sun porch made this day an awesome day. The mosquitoes are very bad here & with the bats nearing extinction from the 'white nose fungus' I feel sad that something is not being done quicker & sooner rather than later, when it may be too late. Extinction is Forever.

 Tilda's all sewn together. Her hair needs to be found in town somewhere...then her eyes & blush are applied.
 She a whole 24 inches tall.
 Here she is wearing her wraparound dress & pantaloons. I'm hoping to have more sewing playtime but in less than 2 weeks the cottages will have people in the again. It's always great seeing family!
And those roman shades will be fully installed but first I have to finish three more. Procrastination, I really let it steal my time - today was a me day with playtime! Ursula your next! Lynn we'll have some Tilda Time when I get back!

Sew Much Fun!


  1. Wow, you have been a very busy lady and I don't know how you manage to do it all. Everything looks so nice and fresh and that doll is just beautiful.
    That window shelf is just perfect for her. Is there anything you can't do?
    THe bathroom looks very fresh and so does the laundry room.
    I love wild flower bouquets, they are so pretty including those wild roses.

    We've had so much rain for the last few days that it filled up my wheelbarrow with water.

    My daughter made it to Santiago De Compostella from Glasgow Scotland even though she missed her connecting flight from Heathrow Airport in London because of flight delay.
    I don't know if you heard about the train derailment in Santiago because the train conductor was speeding killing about 80 people. My daughter is volunteering at one the hostel check point where the pilgrims go to register and get their certificate of finishing their pilgrimage. I'm glad that she wasn't on that train but she was on another, thank goodness.

    Have a safe weekend and don't work too hard.


    1. Yes Julia there is something I can't do...I cannot swim, I'm hydrophobic - maybe that's why I can't ice skate either lol
      Your daughter has a guardian angel looking out for her! keeping her in the 'right place at the right time'.
      The rain has been coming down for days here in NE NB, with warnings yesterday, for good reason! The grass is greening up again though but that will mean it's time to mow again. The great thing is I won't have to do it next week with all the family coming out from the city, they'll think the riding lawn mower is a novelty & want to give it a try. I'm going to act like Tom Sawyer painting the fence. lol