Saturday, July 20, 2013

Painting Resumes...

I've been painting this week, the laundry room & the upstairs bathroom. I used the same colour in both rooms & really like the outcome. I used Benjamin Moores Origins paint from Canadian Tire, Palest Taupe. It's a light colour but allows the white trim to still have a fresh presence. Here's the before & after photos ---

Before - this is a photo I took last November 
This is today's look to that wee room. I'm going to paint the ceiling out in white, the brown trim around the room weighs heavy overhead. The guys painted out my kitchen ceiling & it looks great.
It seems so much brighter & lighter upon entering the room, you have to travel through that room to get to the downstairs bathroom.


This to is from the November photo shoot. I found it bizarre that this bathroom was painted the same colour as the lounge colour...which was changed over the winter.
I'm really into light colours these days & the dark things come from accent decorating which can easily be changed seasonally.

 When a room is small like this I use the same paint & wrap it right around the room & the ceilings really gives you a feel of the colour & it appears higher because there's not dividing lines. Paint is your biggest impact to a room & the cheapest way to decorate to achieve the feel you want.

 These are a pair of my favourite bathroom paintings - Before The Bath & After The Bath by Paul Peel. He was originally from London Ontario & died in Paris in his early 30's from influenza. The work he did do in his life time was amazing.  I've view many of his pieces in the art galleries in Ontario & have gone through his birth home in the London Pioneer Village numerous times. What I think is really great is I went to school with one of his ancestors, Peggy Peel, way back in the 60's. Peggy was a very kind, soft spoken girl, I wonder where she is now?

I've just the hall & spare bedroom to paint now, family will be arriving in less than 2 weeks so I'll do it after they leave. I can't believe that summer is already half over, although it sure is hot & it's gorgeous living next to the water during these heatwaves, summer breeze everyday!
Winter here would be another story...

Boris just wants to laze in the heat, I'm always trying to get him out of the sun. He had heat stroke as a puppy & I worry with the sun being so intense.
The intense sun is what created water in the lawn mower's gas tank! The tank was low on gas & had morning sun on it, day after day & the rest is now history. A very expensive lesson that the sun is not always our friend!
Stay cool & hydrated & enjoy these summer days, savory them in your memory to pull out in February when it feels that winter will never end.
Fun & Sun for now!


  1. You have been a busy lady, much cooler the next few days.. a break before the next heat wave.... enjoy

  2. Hey Cynthia, I'm painting my bathrooms this summer also! I'm going with Benjamin Moore's Manchester Tan and Cloud White on the trim. It's nice to freshen things up.