Friday, July 12, 2013

Myers Quilt Show 2013 -Set-Up

This week has been so busy, on Monday Elizabeth & I went into Miramichi with the trailer in tow, to pick up the lawn mower at the John Deer Dealership. The mower was fixed & the problem was water in the gas tank, that problem is still under investigation.
Wednesday was quilt show set up & here's how that day went.

This is Jean the mastermind behind the quilt show, I think of her as the conductor to us. She's a retired school teacher & knows how to extract talents from the different people to get the most out of them. She keeps the whole production of the quilt show going &  keeps everything moving on time.

 In the parlour she has Phyllis, Maureen, & Betty working on the hand quilting for her granddaughter Tiffany's wedding quilt. The wedding is this month & the quilt is still on the quilting rack & still needs to have the binding put on it. Jean can multitask with a little help from her friends. Many hands lighter work! She's 'Stupid like a fox!'.

Now onto the task at hand, the making of the Myers Quilt Show.

 Here's Ted's boat shed, he allows us to have it for the week. It takes that long to set up from start to finish. Notice his boat parked off to the side, thank you Ted we really appreciate your generous, gracious, surrendering of your shed as we transform it into a wonderful quilt show.
Tuesday the floor was laid down, the process starts from the ground up. The pink tarp is very heavy & sturdy, it's rolled in place & cleaned. Now the creation of the walls begin.

 The two teen boys were helpful, Matt & Mitch worked hard with those staple guns. They went around the room on the top.

 Elizabeth instructs them on the second bottom layer wrapping of paper to cover the wood stacked next to the wall.

 The paper wall looks great with the flooring! Sometimes things just come together.
 Here's the back of the building.
 It's a huge undertaking as you can see by the holds a large lobster boat you know! And soon over a hundred quilted items.

 Theodore, Ted's dad, gives the' thumbs up' as he checks things out.
 I went back into the house to get a drink to find the woman still working on the quilt. You can tell by their faces that they're having a great time talking & stitching. What could be better than laughter & friends!

 The quilt racks start going up with the help of Neil. Mitch & Neil worked very well together & the rows began to take shape.

 See the walls of paper... for a few days, everything behind just disappears.

 There is a special way to put everything together & that was for the guys!

Jean came to view & one  more row of racks was needed to accommodate the number of quilts in the show.

 The ladies too came to watch as they were finished hand quilting for the day. Betty, Colleen, & Phyllis are still smiling through this hot, busy day. Attitude is contagious & theirs is worth catching!

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  1. What a great effort from a generous bunch of people. I can't wait to see the quilt pictures at the show.
    That quilt is gorgeous by the way.
    Thanks for sharing this great adventure into preparing for the show.
    Have a great weekend.