Friday, May 10, 2013

This Old House circa 1916

Last winter I received a letter in the mail addressed "To The Resident" inside was a note from the granddaughter of the house that we live in. She thought we would like to see what it looked like in the 1930's, before it had its second story added in 1949.
 This house was built in 1916 & in a few years will be a century home.

 Here it is in the mid eighties

 This is a photo from Marblehead Massachusetts taken in the early 1990's. Bill & I were down in Boston doing a elevator trade-show & stayed in the lovely village. Walking one night after supper I took photos of this house, with plans of modelling our home after it.

This is it after the siding was put on...

Years later here it is finished. We've already started to replace the upper windows, the kids would leave the bedroom windows open & if it rained the crank out windows held the water & rotted the frames. We joke it call it 'Our Money Pit' or 'The Song That Never Ends' however it is the homestead, our home - one that we've raised four children from.


  1. I love the story about your nice home. How nice of the granddaughter to have sent you an old picture of the earlier house. What transformation...

  2. Wow! Are you sure that's the same house? Amazing transformation ...