Sunday, October 22, 2017


 I had a girlfriend bring me a black doll from 1950's, I could not believe what I was looking at!
I had that very same doll as a child, my dog ate the arm & feet off of it but I kept her anyway.
We did not have a lot back then & what you had you treasured. She is here in a box or bin somewhere & I'll blog about her when I find her. I remember her name was Nancy, mom must have named her.
Well, Kathleen was given this doll from her mother-in-law & asked if I could make her some clothing.
Here is what I did this week! lol

 Kathleen's doll with no clothes but a lovely body & gorgeous hair for being over 60 years old!

 She was wearing this ecru cotton,  prairie style dress. I asked if the clothing be modern or vintage style. Kathleen wanted 'vintage'.
Vintage it was! I had just the pattern for that doll. Now to find fabric that would compliment the era & the doll.
 I found a small piece of lining fabric & made her panties. The size large was for 20-22" too big for this 19" doll! Back to the drawing board with the size medium!

Downstairs in my stash, I came upon some vintage pink lining, perfect for her panties & slip!

I attached the slip to the dress bodice & added more ruffle & lace to hold the dress out.

 I used a VIP 18" doll panel dress that was originally a 'nightgown' pattern & shortened it into this dress. The sleeves & dress are underlined with a soft tulle to give body to the dress.

 The bonnet matches the bottom of her dress & I added a small piping, of the same fabric, to the yoke.

                                                                    Then I made the coat!
The coat looks like it is a linen type fabric but it is a polyester fabric that I had to make me some clothing. I will in time, I'm enjoying the moment right now, creating this outfit!

 To trim the coat with bias tape, I found in my bias bin, this vintage Made In Canada, bias tape, the perfect choice to accent the coat. And at 6 yards for .29 cents, how old do you think this bias tape is?!

 I loved the bonnet detail, it was fully lined too! So you made two bonnets with the circle at the back.

                                                   I think she turned out very sweet!

 Shoes & socks for her can be purchased at any of Michael's stores. When I find Nancy I may make her this outfit & put mittens on the hands that are missing. This doll has been cherished!

Peanuts Progress~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

The border is now on & the quilting is done but I still was not satisfied with it. Then it hit me...
As I have been discovering some of my studio supplies, I remembered seeing my beads & sequins. Yes, I had star sequins that would make the night sparkle!

 So every morning I have my coffee & put more gold sequin stars with gold beads onto the night sky in the pumpkin patch! This wall hanging finishes 36" x 36" so I will wait for Mitch & Nicole to take it back to Alberta with them after Christmas, in their large suitcase.
I mailed the 12" x17" Snoopy wallhanging & it was over $16, so next year the Pumpkin Patch Quilt will be hung in Alberta! This one was a lot of work,  with the zigzagging in the satin stitch & stars.

Winter Wonderland!

 I've been working on these small wall hangings, they can be hung well after Christmas as I used non-Christmas colours on them. I still have to hand sew on the snowflake buttons & a curly textured pom -pom to the end of the hat.

 I also made coordinating bowl holders for the microwave, a nice winter touch to this gift.

Memories Of A Good Friend~~~~~~~~~~

 I received this trunk, the day my girlfriend Liz Vincent peacefully died. She wanted me to have this trunk & I have put it in my sewing room for now.

 Inside is her sewing that she never got around to finish & loads of different sewing supplies. She knew I loved Christmas & sent me many Christmas fabrics too.

 This finished wall hanging called 'Welcome  Home' was in the trunk. I will have it quilted & on my wall for Christmas. The red binding is wound around an empty spool, just waiting to be sewn on.

 It is a Victoria winter scene with Cardinals, I love Cardinals & miss not having them here in the northeastern NB. I had several pairs at the feeders in southwestern ON.
For now, they'll be on the walls & in quilts.

Hand Quilting~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I thought I would give it a try on this miniature quilt of mine.

 As you can see it is only 8 1/2" long, so this should be doable?!  Wow, I was amazed at how long it took me to do just this small piece. I do admire those that can hand quilt a whole quilt!!

For now, my wee Christmas quilt is done & ready to be added to the Christmas mice vignette.

Rexton, Rexton...

I know she likes the kitchen counter to be able to see everything & be out of the puppies way.

She has perched herself on Baxter's new coat & now has her scent on it for him! I scolded her for being on the counter!  I always start out with, "Rexton Richardson!".

And just scowls at me & pretends that she does not hear me. I'm always having to physically move her & let me tell you she is now 12 pounds! And still, has 2 more Manx years to maturity! I'm visualizing a 15-pound cat then!
By then, maybe  the pups will be kinder to Rexton. I know she misses Boris & just wants to be their friend too.

I did manage to get more canning of chili sauce done & I added in my neighbour  Karens, hot red peppers to it. After cutting the peppers on the plastic IKEA mat, I cut the remaining celery on it & sampled a few pieces of celery... oh my!!! The pepper juice was all over the celery & my lips burned for an hour! Yes, it will be a warm chili sauce! lol

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  1. You did a wonderful job on that doll outfit. She's adorable.

    I love the Halloween Peanut wall hanging. The sequences really adds sparkles... Oh dear, Rexton has claimed your kitchen counter.
    What a totally brave cat to do that. At my house, counter and dining table was totally off limit. Not one of my three cats would have been brave enough to even dare climb on and they were spoiled cats by my standard anyway.

    The Cardinal wall hanging is going to be wonderful. We have lots of Cardinals here in Fredericton. Maybe they will move on a bit further north. We did not always had them.

    You have been very lucky to receive that old trunk full of sewing fabric. I'm sure you'll come up with great ideas to create more beautiful projects.
    Hugs, Julia