Saturday, October 14, 2017

Gorgeous Fall!

The weather these days has been so gorgeous! The tree colours have changed, even more, adding in the yellows & oranges that I adore so much on the grey, overcast days. I just was being impatient.
Every time I'm in the car/truck going down the highway, I sigh & wish I had taken my camera with me so I could take photos of what I see & feel through all the Fall colour change.
Windy, cool, wet weather will be taking all away soon...

Till then!

                                    We will be, washing the Mustangs outside in the sunshine.
        Nicholas is washing his GT 2017 Mustang, with the company of his girlfriend Emily.

                                      Bill is washing the 1996 Cobra Mustang for me. :-)

         Emily is from California, now living in downtown Toronto & is barefooting in the nice weather like a 'California Girl'.

           Emily in her styling pose, she is loving the northeast coast, here in New Brunswick.

 And another bonus to the day, Terry & his helper are installing the ice stoppers so this winter, sheets of ice will not be flying off the roof by the garage or front porch.

 Bridget & Baxter are in their rn area as so much is going on to be watching them, on this wonderful sunny Friday, afternoon.
                                          They are funny 9-month-old puppies now.

 Bridget has such a small head that she pops it out to get a better view, this time Baxter has finally got his head out through the railing...

                    Oh my, now to get it back out again! Not as easy with that big head of his! lol

                                                                            Funny little Bridget!

 Bridget is now 20lbs & Baxter weighs in at 23 1/2 lbs. I'm hoping that they don't get much bigger!

 Their porch always has toys about it & the bench I painted for them has been chewed upon, you can get a glimpse of it on the bottom right. They are such chewers!

 The Mustangs are just a gleaming after the cleaning! The Cobra is so white now!

 I never really got to ride this car a whole lot this summer, maybe next summer. Thank you, Bill,  for washing, waxing, & polishing my car. XO  And away in the garage it goes, till next spring.

 It is such a beautiful 21-year-old vehicle, with just 21,000km on it & all original! Next year, I may have time to enjoy it!

 I smile to think that this was my first race car & I still have it! The new Mustangs are faster now, right out of the factory.
                                    Nicholas is loving his  Mustang & his Dad loves driving it!

Having Fun!

 I put their costumes on so Bill could see them, he won't be here at Haloween. They are so funny!!

                          It is hard to get a good photo of them wearing the turtle costumes.

                                                  Bridget looks so sweet in her sequin green dress!

                                 She is always trying to take Baxter's clothing off him, he is so good with her!
                                            Baxter is so good with her bossyness!

                               What a pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Boston Terriers! lol

                                                                      Give me that top!

                                     Baxter just wants a drink, Bridget ... give me that top!

Some Sewing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It's The Great Pumpkin Patch! And it is now all cut out & put in position! The bats & moon have been sewn into place.

The zigzag outlining in a satin stitch is taking forever! The bobbin filling is an ongoing job!
I'll take a picture of the finished wallhanging next post, I think, it is going to look so good!

Thank you for stopping in for a visit, I hope you enjoyed the viewing of cars, pets, & sewing. I really wish I could have shared the beauty of the Fall colours. I hope you too are enjoying the Fall days, wherever you are!

Come back now, ya hear!


  1. Wow, your car is much cleaner and shinier than my old rusty Dodge Caravan but it gets me to places till it falls apart. I'm due for a safety inspection and I doubt it will pass.

    I love that Great Pumpkin Patch. Your work is so very beautiful.

    The furry kids are good sports for wearing those silly halloween costumes and I'm sure the trick and treaters will enjoy seeing them. Unfortunately, we no longer get trick or treaters in our neighbourhood for several years now so I no longer buy treats for them as we have to eat them ourselves.

    Enjoy the beautiful fall colors.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Luv Luv Luv the Peanuts wall hanging. Too bad the Schultz home and memorabilia was destroyed in the current California fires :(. Was it applique or a panel? Did you have a pattern or draw it up yourself? Sew creative !!