Saturday, July 30, 2016

Front Porch & More!

This Friday's visit to the Hardwicke House was a first time visit for Bill & Nicholas & it was a WOW for them! And me too.
Our neighbours, Donny (not the eldest son)  & Jocelyne, from Eel River have been joining in on the Friday photo shoots. Donny is retired from working on construction & enjoys watching this unique project come to life.

First the garden beauty that is happening now...

 The Calla Lilies look beautiful! I just put the pots, that were stored in the basement from last fall, into the dug out ground. I then covered that pot with new organic soil, then some black mulch.
Mother Nature took over from there & the bulbs came back to life this spring & flowered into a full bloom this week!

 They look so surreal - just like faux rubber plants, they're just so perfect!

 And the colouring of them...

 I may just have to find a rug hooking pattern or design one to hook.

 Thank you Ross for introducing me to these beauties that you dropped off for me last year!

 The hen had chicks!!! This is from the top of the hen & chicks after it fell from the weight of its height.

The Phantom Hydrangea

The Annabelle Hydrangea

Some sewing was done this week too.

 About a decade ago, Paulette gave me 4" x 4" charm pack & after seeing the Susie's Scraps blog on pinwheels, I played with the technique. That technique was to put the same size square to the back of the pinwheel square & sew a 1/4" seam all around it. After that is done, you cut the square corner to corner - to form an X cut on the square & voila!! You now have four 1/2 square triangles for your pinwheel!   Sew Easy!!! And two of these blocks are not like the others...

There were two blocks that had cats in them & I couldn't cut them apart, so they're in the design,

Now this weeks progress~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was finished with my exercise class on Tuesday when Francis the contractor walked into the gymnasium...
Remember last week when the front of the house had to be rebuilt & I was in Rexton at Bonar Law?! Well, I was having a wee panic attack when I first saw him.
He must have seen the horror look on my face as he smiled & said 'It's OK, the plumber just has a few questions & is at the construction site waiting for you.'
Vanity & sink questions & those would arrive on Friday with worries. :-)

I had not seen the Hardwicke House for the rest of the week.

Friday was a wonderful surprise!!

 The windows were reinstalled & the porch,  pantry window was put in too1! Bill & Nick are thrilled with the construction that has not been viewed for a month. First viewing for Nicholas!

 Bill admiring the roof line at the front.
 I laughed watching the two of them go into the garage, one in each door. lol

                                            My car patiently awaits it time to be in that garage!

 The front entry system has arrived. I changed out the design of the 3/4 glass door. I remembered trying to train Boris, the Boston Terrier, to get off the door when he heard someone driving up the lane. Hindsight for the next Boston Terrier, it will just stand & look out. lol

 Jocelyne & I checking out the inside of the house. We're at the end of the hall, behind us is the master bedroom door opening.

 The Hardwicke House is beginning to look like the Breaker Wall's drawing from 2015.

 The foyer with the sewing room door frame.

 Bill on the 2nd story that overlooks the front foyer. It's to be glass railing & polished pewter rails, to be installed, oh so bright & airy!

The kitchen/dining area, now the view is visible! 
The wall that use to be my sewing room is gone & just a memory. 

                                   Bill's office is going to be tranquil, over looking the Miramichi Bay.

                                    The screened in front porch is coming along too!

 Bill & I, in an embrace, as we talk about the future in our newly renovated the making.

We stayed put in the garage,  till the thunderstorm passed. Nicholas was on the front porch, with my camera. Thanks for the photos you took, on our Friday trip to the Hardwicke House. XO

I was at Epcot in Disneyland in 1986 & the motto there was 'If you can dream it, you can do it!'
That saying has always stuck with me & I've quoted that Epcot saying to many people since. Or I ask, 'Have you been to Epcot?'

Back in 2000, I had gone to my 1st & only clairvoyant reading. As I listen later,  to the tape that was made years & years later,  how true his prediction to me. He asks, ' Does New Brunswick have a deep meaning to you?'  And not knowing one soul or relative here, it is here I've made our home to retire to & coming here because of the Miramichi Dragway!

Yes indeed, New Brunswick does have great meaning to me!
It's my home & the family & the friends, nearest to me, feel it too!

Living The Dream.

Thank you for your visit, see you next Friday!

Have a safe & happy Civic Holiday on August 1st!

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