Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Red & White Projects

Valentine Day is coming quickly & I've been working with red & white thinking of that 'Heart felt day'. Bill & I enjoy the company of each other & have a nice dinner together.

I've assembled the Red & White Gnome. Not using hearts, I could use him in the celebration of Canada Day on July 1st too!

 I found these cute buttons in my Christmas button stash & added them to take away the plainness, of just a white hat.
                             This embellishment of buttons just adds to the top of his funky little hat.

Under his beard, I placed an old key we had made with the Canadian flag design. Anything Canadian is near & dear to my heart.

Love is in the Air --------

These two have a playful relationship!

                                      Boris gives Rexton the look of "My basket, behave!"

         Yes Boris does have a cozy placed basket, front & center infront of the fireplace.

                                               Boris, your my friend, aren't you?

Rexton is so fond of grooming Boris, he's not so much a fan. Rexton would lick him for awhile, then she bites him. He leaves his basket after such an assault, no bites for Boris today.

              And Rexton leaves the basket to let Boris enjoy, in peace, his basket by the fireside.

The sun is coming through the bay window & she takes her snooze on the chair, in the sun.

 Happy Hooking

I was given this kit by Elizabeth for Christmas, a couple of years back. Why do I procrastinate so much? I started hooking this with Briggs & Little yarn & used the textural white that was in the kit.
I also altered the silhouette as it will be cut out & a hanging backing added.

 I really enjoyed the process of pulling the yarn & colouring in the Santa, watching it come to life.

                                     Rexton likes the feel of wool on her paws these cold days.

 I also made a small wreath that Santa will hold once he's done. I have a reindeer quilt to make this year & this will look great hanging on the quilt in the'll see later this year.

Now I've the red & white out of my system & really need to buckle down & learn how to stipple or meander on my sewing machine. Once I get that process comfortably worked out, I must finish the Autumn Fairy wall hanging. Procrastinate is the thief of time!

Home Depot Report

This week has been a frustrating one with the Home Depot. In 2006 they set out to only give a 5 year warranty on any shingles & yes it is on the back of the contract....however we also have a written quote from the contractor with a 10 guaranty of workmanship & 25 on the product.
They stated that they did not have that on file. So after 2 misleading emails that did not go through to show what we had in documents, they are still going to get back to us. On one voicemail they stated that I could have the Home Depot quote on replacing the roof!! This roof was installed January 2009 & now all the shingles are lifting on the house & the studio.  I feel I have not gotten the shingles I paid good money for & don't want to be a 'make work program' in roofing.

Bill has been working with them as he's got a cooler temper when frustrated. And I lost it on poor Michele as she had the habit of saying 'No problem' yes there is a problem & the word 'problem' is one that just means trouble! I correct my kids to not say that response as it is a bad habit. I always respond, 'My pleasure' to a 'Thank you',  as it feels good to help other people.

I just hope this gets settled. All the  Rona's in Canada have been purchased by Lowes & that will be the company the Home Depot will be going head to head with. Customer service really matters to us.

So many challenges this year & still so much to be done before this year end.

Winter has found & is visiting SW Ontario, later with very cold wind chill temps for this weekend.
Cozy Valentine Day weather.

Thanks for visiting, stay happy & healthy through this winter season. I now have to go shovel & clear the snow off the car.

Oh the weather outside is frightful! lol It is a true Canadian winter here!


  1. Boris and Rexton are real good buddies and must be fun to watch. It's a blessings they get along so well and are good companions for you.

    Getting old projects done feels good. Your Santa looks very nice. I never tried hooking with yarn as I have so much wool fabric. I still need to whip and bind my last rug.

    What a shame those roofing companies make such shoddy products. My son bought a house that had a new roof on and already some shingles needs replacing. Everything is made to only last a few years. I had an old range for 35 years and when it was replaced it didn't last very long, the same with my last expensive Duet front loader washer. The dealer said they are made to last 7 years. There should be a law against such poor quality. I hope that you can get a replacement from where you bought it.

    Take care and don't over do it with the shovel.

  2. You're so right about the weather outside being frightful! I've been stuck in the house for 6 days!! Luckily the nephews are coming over today to dig out my car. Hope you don't have to do much shoveling yourself ?