Tuesday, January 12, 2016


With the start of the new year of 2016, one always has the sense of rejuvenation. All is new & new start on a new year has begun.
Bill had the North American elevator code meetings to attend, he is a chairman to the board now & asked if I'd like to go too. I've had the laneway plowed out twice this year...hummm  YES, I'll go!!!

My husband is a die hard fitness guru & me...well I'm a blood type B+ & it is documented in the Live Right With Your Blood Type, that B+ persons don't like to sweat hard. We like yoga & Pilates, and yes I like both of those as Donna, my instructor knows. lol
So today I went to the gym at the Marriot, in Clearwater Florida, I thought I'd treadmill then shower & have breakfast. When I went down to the gym, I was happy to be the only one, then more joined in the treadmill fun & soon there were three of us, like hamsters in the wheels running.lol
Only I'm a walker not a runner, so I increased the incline & finished a 2.2 mile walk this morning.

 This is the front view from the hotel...
This is the view of the back, from the patio door. Oh so tranquil & I find it warm & comical that locals are wearing scarves & mittens. This dream will end for me this weekend when I land back at the Pearson Airport in Toronto.

Till then I'm going to take in the sights & sounds of this mystical place called the Marriott! lol

 When Bill is in his meetings I was embroidering this small wall hanging piece by Bird Brain designs.
 Yes, Simple Pleasures are Life's Treasurers! Now when I get back I'll put it together for hanging.

We also went to Brookville, FL to visit our friends for lunch & Liz & I went into Joann's, where I discovered these variegated beauties in perle cotton.
With our Canadian dollar at an all time low shopping had to be very selective, I was pleased to get these at $2 USD, still cheaper than Micheal's in Canada.

Thank you for stopping by & I hope your warm & cozy wherever you are. I'm still trying to embrace winter, after 1/2 a century of winters, would think it possible?!! lol

In just a few months, one of my most favourite, rejuvenating seasons is just around the corner!

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  1. Cynthia, enjoy as I am curled up still in my P J watching the snow blow around out the window, every thing is closed here today, but will fight my way to hooking tomorrow.. see you soon