Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fairies Are Done

I've finally finished embroidering all the Autumn Fairies & have started to put the pieces together.
                                                This is the fairy jumping into the leaves.

                                                                The dancing fairy.

                                                            The wee fairy elf flying on a leaf.

                                                                   The painting fairy elf.

                                              The painting fairy, she was a lot of embroidery work...

 The inside of the leaf dress had a lot of veins to work in it. I love the photo copy transfer for such detail that would be very hard to copy through a light box.

                                         The whole wallhanging will be done in batiks.

                                                 I've been auditioning different colours for the border.

I've got to go purchase some Heat n' Bond for the rest of the project, for all the leaves that are added after it is quilted.

This fairy has been with us for years & will be a statement piece with the wallhanging as I put together a vignette of fairies, when the quilt is done. Right now she sits on top of a bookcase, reading her book.
Old Tom Cat, was doing what cats do best, sleeping in the sun in the bay window. lol

This is Bill having fun with doing a 'selfie' of us on the plane in Orlando. They boarded us on the plane then we sat in our seats for nearly 2 hours at the gate waiting for baggage handlers to get our baggage loaded. There was a nasty storm the night before & a lot of planes were still on the tar mat, making a huge shortage of airport staff. Bill had fun & we were happy with just having each other. ;-)

We stopped to have breakfst at one of my favourite places in the USA, Cracker Barrel & Bill laughed when he saw this sign...he wouldn't purchase it so IU may have to make him one out of fabric! lol

Thank you for visiting & I hope you have a warm week where you are, it's so cold here & a even colder chill factor is added in.  I look at it as preserving oneself in the cold! lol

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