Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October Miramichi Quilt Show

The show this year was a colourful display of of the guild's quilts & the place was a buzzing with activities, viewing, draws, vendors, & of course, the Tea Room.

 The guild members were asked to bring in 2 dozen cookies for the tea room. I made 'acorn cookies' that I had seen done on a blog, which one I cannot remember as I follow so many. It was easy to make but difficult to find the ingredients till I visited The Bulk Barn.

 Here's how it's done. First you glue(with decorating icing sugar) I used Wilton's, the two mini cookies ( I used chocolate chip for one dozen & ginger snaps for the other), then add a  Hersey's Kiss to the bottom & finally a butterscotch morsel chip to the top. How sweet of a Fall treat is this?!!

 Rexton enjoys the sound of my sewing machine as I worked on Fall projects for the booth at the quilt show.
She didn't even mind when fabric would drape over her, as it went through with my sewing. lol

Now Onto The Miramichi Quilt Show~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 This is the Falloween Booth. This was the booth I was to look after for the weekend & this is what it looked like after it was set up.

 There were vendors from the area...

 So many wonderful fabrics...

 Longarm quilter on the stage & a vendor set up below...

 The clothing boutique was a hit also!

 With hand knit wear too.

 Geraldine also brought in a mirror for trying on the hats or to view the colours next to your face. :-)

 My weakness...quilting & crafting magazines. I just love sitting down looking at designer patterns.
How could you go wrong with 3 to 4 books a bundle for $3 Singer books were $2!

 The Baby Room, oh so sweet!

 She was still settin up. I went around with my camera before the show opened to get photos free of when you view this blog it's your own personal viewing! lol Hope your enjoying it!

 The baby quilt with coordinating basket caught my eye. What a lucky baby boy to get that!

 I had not seen the Pinocchio panel quilt before.

 This quilt was set up in the Tearoom area for viewing.

 Joel the machine guy & I can't say enough good things about him! he looks after all my machines & gives me advice on how to maintain them better. lol
Georgine, his mom has a lovely quilt shop & does long arm quilting too, it's worth the drive up to Village Blanchard.

 So many beautiful fabrics & great notions.

 The Kitchen Boutique had this wee display done in plastic canvas, among the kitchen items.

 There were canned preserves for purchase too. I saw many carrying the jars around. Yum!

 Carrot Cake Jam was a big hit!

 And of course the Christmas Booth, complete with a real tree!

 Christmas characters to welcome you.

 Christmas wall hangings. I'm not quite ready to view snow yet. lol

 But the Christmas characters made me smile. ;-)

 Another vendor from the area, yes with her gorgeous Christmas fabric.

 Fat 1/4's all colour coordinated.

 And now you were around the room & we're back at the Falloween booth.
Inside the square were the quilts, I never took photos inside the rows with quilts. My battery was running low & I never brought my camera back in. So the 35-40 quilts were not photographed by me.


 I was sitting in the sunporch stitching, when I looked up & saw a barge going by, in the Miramichi Bay?!
 I got my camera out & changing my lens out I got a shot of's blurry however the evergreens look great!
 Last week I had a very low flying plane, looked military, fly over the bay & the house. Wow it scared me as it looked in distress being so low. I was told it was military doing some practicing of low flying? Might be good to let the public in on thes exercises? So you don't know what you'll see peering out in the bay these days. :-)

Summers Harvest
 My neighbour has a bountiful harvest of tomatoes & asked me to pick some to ripen in the house as frost is fast approaching here. This is for oven tomatoe sauce, thanks for the recipe Ursula! I'll share it when the tomatoes are ready.

 I've some binding to sew on & I do it in the sunporch because of the great natural daylight.

Another Surprise!

Monday morning I was on the front cover of the Miramichi Leader, in my Falloween booth!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I hope you have a great long weekend.
Happy Thanksgiving too!!

Oh a saying this week.
I told my husband on the phone this week (after reading it somewhere & writing it down to remember)

Life gives you three choices. Give up, give in, or give it all you've got!

Have a great Thanksgiving, we all have something to be thankful for!

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