Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lunar Lunatic

Yesterday was the Hunter Moon & it was oh so amazing!!

As I opened the great room drapes yesterday a about 7:30am I saw the moon over the bay, I had to capture it in a photo... I was also talking to Bill in China as I was opening those drapes & told him to 'hold' for a just a minute as I grabbed my camera & ran out the front door in my nightie & housecoat.

I used the word my top speed, down the stairs & through the garden. Ouch!!!I tripped on a the hill of black gravel that Bill had left to fill out the rest in theof the garden.
I was down before I knew what had happened, Oh it hurt so bad...I needed that picture though & shaking with pain I took it~! What a lunar lunatic I am!!

How eerie is that photo of the moon, over the Bay du Vin Island, in the morning?!!

Well, with that fall I really hurt myself, the gravel shredded my skin & the momentum of my running made for a good impact, when I met the gravel. The cotton nightie was shredded at my kneecaps to!
It was my right shin that took most of the damage. Nothing was fractured or broken...the worse would be a chip & there's nothing that can be done for that.

So the rest of this week will be on with my leg up! For those of you that know me, know that this is going to be a challenge for me to 'sit/stay'. I'm really grateful to my neighbours for coming to my distress call, their kindness to me, has been truly heartfelt in my time of need as they looked after this 'Lunar Lunatic'! Rest, ice, elevation & Tylenol will be the coming days.

Sewing will be embroidering & needlework can be done with knitting needles or some reading. There were books that I picked up this summer that I may have made the time to read! lol

Till my mend has me up on my feet, literary up on my feet, my days in my sewing studio are on hold.


Happy Halloween to everyone.
Remember Rexton wearing her sweater last year? Well there's no way that wee sweater will fit her this year but she was a cute as a button in it & maybe not as enthusiastic as I was taking her picture! lol

I saw a saying this week that rings true with me this week.

'Sewing forever, housework whenever.' lol

Thank you for stopping by & have a great week!
The full moon is over now & the lunatics will calm down now! lol


  1. Oh my goodness, Ouch, Ouch Cynthia, I'm so sorry that you had a fall but I must admit that the moon was extra special and big yesterday. I hope that you will heal fast with no complication. It really look very painful but I love your enthusiasm or lunacy, lol... I'm glad that nothing was broken. I think that you need to run on all four chasing after the moon. It might be safer next time.

    Rexton looks so cute but unimpressed in her little pumpkin costume. I bet she's glad it doesn't fit her anymore, lol.

    Get plenty of rest and take care of yourself. Happy Halloween.

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment, good luck in my draw. Your leg looks pretty sore and I hope by keeping it up when you craft has helped. I can say it was worth your great lunar shot. :-)