Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Playing With Textiles Again ;-)

The bell pull turned rug is really coming together now!
 Elizabeth lent me her hooking frame , it's a 14" opening of an octagon & it worked beautifully. Thank you Elizabeth for that opportunity to use that device. I've always used a hoop, first a wooden one then a plastic one and now the tilting hook with metal grabbers.
I loved it so much I did my first bidding on Ebay & got one from Austin Texas, it should arrive in two weeks & I'm calling it my Merry Christmas gift.

So from Rug Hooking to Sewing...

The quilt called Vintage Tin is now done & tomorrow it's off to the longarm quilter for some custom design work. I'll post the finished quilt when I've got the binding on it.
This wallhanging is for Bill's library/office in the new addition next spring.

Parisian Essence Painting

Remember the rabbit I made last Easter...well I went to make her a new outfit for the fall and noticed just how pale she looked. Then I had an idea, I'm going to give her colour by painting her in the new technique that I had just discovered a couple of months back! I had a jar already made up & the recipe to paint is 1 cup of hot water with 2 tablespoons of Parisian Essence. The recipe in is an older post on how to make it. It's very easy but time consuming, about 2 1/2 hours.

Here's the rabbit I made last March. Looking at the picture reminds me I'll have to paint the wee rabbit too.

 I stripped off all her spring/Easter attire & with paint brush in hand started to make her look old or should I say aged? The aged look really does enhance the antique furnishings.

What a difference this warm caramel colour does to the natural coloured  muslin! I just love it, don't you?!!

                                                   I put her outside in the sunlight to dry.

 Notice how the legs have more colour due to gravity? I may have to paint her top half again tomorrow,  I'll wait to see her totally dry.

 Her new outfit ( which I have not even started to make) did not have a slip, so I wet this very white one with water & then put it in the paint solution & hung it out.
 I've got a pattern for bloomers & a dress with pockets that hold 3 baby rabbits. It's a vintage  McCalls pattern that I picked up last year when q our fellow rug hooker was purging out her old supplies. I think it's going to work for my fall decorating!

I'm decorating for fall & awaiting Bill's arrival this Saturday! He's leaving Hong Kong tonight, then landing in Toronto, then driving to London, then driving here!!

The weather has been so beautiful in northeastern New Brunswick these days, I hope it continues for his one week stay. China was so hot & humid for him & the air conditioner was broke in his office there. My poor guy.
I know he's going to love it here!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.
Have a great week and enjoy the long weekend with Labour Day!
I know I will!! ;-)


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  1. Oh my Cynthia, your Tin Vintage quilt looks amazing and I love what you did to that pale rabbit. It looks so much better. Great job. I hope you'll post a photo of before and after or us.

    Wishing Bill a good and safe flight back.
    My daughter also is leaving Spain tomorrow.