Monday, September 21, 2015

Canning, Mowing, & Sewing

The past week has just flew by with all the canning that has been done Zucchini Relish & Spiced Salsa, all fresh courtesy of my neighbours garden & their bounty over flow. The garden had a slow start & sure made up for it this month!
The lawns have been mowed & it may need one more mowing before the cool fall temperature stunts the growth. It sure has been lovely weather this week, warm by day & cool by night.
I've been sewing up a few things for our Miramichi Quilt Show in less than two weeks! The quilt show only takes place every other year & is before Thanksgiving & Halloween. People come for the fall warmth of ideas & a bit of an early Christmas gift shopping, for that special handmade item.
It's only 94 sleeps till Christmas! lol

Well that's the verbal of my time this week, here's the visual!

 Remember the magic carpet ride into the woods? See in the distance those three dirt piles?

 I got to see the trench fill with water after one of the hard rains we've had since it was dug out.

The water stayed for a few days in the trench then it was gone again. This is going to stop the flooding in the woods this spring. I'm curious to see the bridge design that Bill plans on welding up for the trek to take the tractor,  farther into the woods.

 The Hosta bunch have started to bloom, last year there was hardly any bloom to them.

 They are really pretty to see!

 The Aster is doing well in the copper pot.

 The Hydrangea from Easter has gone into a full bloom again.
 The blue ones look good too!

 Who would have thought that the hydrangeas would do so well here? I wonder if they'll survive the winter here? Time will tell.
 This Costco hanging basket has been doing great since May! I feed the petunias Miracle Grow, tomatoe plant food, it really does make a difference & helps keep them flowering.

I started drying the lavender today. I'm using the sunshine method on a wooden board. This technique in the sun usually takes about one week.

 Loads of tomatoes to come...salsa to make again!

 Boris has been noticing the shorter cooler days, he's seen each season 11 times now! He knows what's coming! lol

 Butterscotch pudding was the inspiration to this table runner! I love butterscotch anything!
I used the dress left overs from the rabbits fall dress.
                                                            Here she is sitting pretty!


I made several Halloween pillow cases today. I use to make them for my kids/grandkids for Halloween. They were on their beds with a pillow as a fill & on the evening of Halloween they were the Treat or Treat bags, filled with their goodies from the door to door treats!

Rug Hooking~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 I'm so pleased with the Briggs & Little yarn we found in Bathhurst at the Spinning Wheel.

                             I've hooked the year into it & I plan on finishing this year too! lol

And to date this is what has been done so far...each day a bit more is hooked in.

 This is me standing on a stool, doing a selfie with my feet. Lynn gave these to me for my birthday & I just love them!

 How crazy are these?!! Slippers with character & oh so warm too! Thank you Lynn, I think of you every time I put them one. They give me my daily smile. :-)

 The Sunset~~~~~~~~~~

                                                Tonight's sunset was just beautiful!
                                                                        Different angles---

Gave different views, the line in the water was very interesting. The colours were just spectacular!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.
Have a great week as it truly becomes fall.


  1. Hi Cynthia, what a gorgeous sunset. So beautiful and serene.

    You have been busy as usual. I love that table runner. Your creativity is always on the go. I love your rug and it looks like a large one and your bunny doll is cute.
    Your flowers are still looking so good. Hard to believe that Fall is here already. There's hardly any time to work outside after supper as darkness come so early now.

    Since I've been away for a week. I dread going into my garden when I get home to see how full of weeds it is. I wonder if someone has picked my cherry and Roma tomatoes. I have had a bumper crop this year and my lawn is probably overgrown with the rain this weekend.

    I guess I'll have to deal with whatever is... I'm flying back home tonight.

    Have a great week.

  2. Luv Luv Luv the slippers ! Lynn has a penchant for fabulous slippers !
    I remember her elf slippers :). Last week the Sew What's were at June's place. Her man (John) made us all a fabulous Indonesian dinner. June invited Bev, Deb and Lynn but it seems they weren't able to come. Too bad, they missed an interesting dinner and it would have been nice to see them all again.
    Got my patio put to bed this morning for the season so I'm getting ready for Fall. Love the rabbit's new Fall dress. Have fun at the Q show. Been thinking of you.