Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Savorying, Oh So Summery

The summer is here & I'm going to enjoy it! It is the quickest of all the seasons to me & I going to show you the growth of the garden & an annual quilt show that took place in Ted's Boathouse.

                                The bee is enjoying summer too & I'm enjoying seeing him!

 The wee summer flower box herb garden that I snip from daily. Yum & savory...just like summer.:-)

 From the old windows of last year, Bill made me a glass screen, with a surprise ...

 It's my Gaurdian Gargoyle, he doesn't look too impressed to be behind glass! lol The sun was too bright & setting on the glass when I snapped this photo, hope you can see him peering through.

 My eye never stayed balanced on the house & I knew that this window box would do the trick. When Bill was up installing it we got called away, when we returned the ladder to the upper window made me laugh. It looked like someone was eloping, do they still do that these days or am I starting to show my age?! Romantic anyways & I smile when I look up at the window box that Romeo installed. lol

 My newest addition to the garden is doing well, it's called the Blue Muffin as it will have blue berries come fall.

 Notice the background of stone work on the foundation. I'm so pleased with it!

 This is my version of a wee fairy garden,phlox, cat mint, lily of the valley, & bird seed grass!

 The potting shed also got a few additions to homey it up. This flower box use to be at our work place to hold kitchen gadgets for our employees. It's now being used for holding flowers! lol
 The sweet little potting shed looks great from outside & it will take a couple of years to finish the inside. But for now I enjoy the view from the outside! lol The cement planter will go inside the woods in a vignette, that too will be in a couple of years. I'm somewhat,  learning patience.

 The hanging baskets from London are doing well through this summer heat too. They were in full bloom in May when I brought them to the backyard that still had snow!

                                        The new composter, I'm making my own dirt! lol I love Amazon.ca, you can order just about anything from them. The window box was from there too & delivered right to the door step!

 Oh yes Vintage Tin has hit the design wall & the sashing has started to go around. The upper left & lower right blocks are finished. There's another 74 flying geese & a dozen more other blocks but that is for the rainy days that have been far & few. Deb, the scarecrow wallhanging to the right is a UFO done! Deb & I are doing our UFO's this summer & she's ahead of me. Good job Deb!

 I get so side tracked, I found 16hst left over from my friendship blocks for Marg's Oriental quilt last year & saw on my perpetual block calendar that it would make the 'Broken Dishes' block. It can be a placemat, as it finished size is 16' x 16' or the front of a bag...? Anyway it's no long just pieces it has come together into a block. Does that count as another UFO finished? lol

Enjoy the Myer's Church Quilt Show!

Excuse the odd angles of photos as the hanging in the aisle is very close together but you quilter will appreciate the beauty & craftsmanship as we tour through.

                                                            Oh so summery! Butterflies :-)

 A Laurel Burch bag that has hand stitched golden thread through her hair
                               Everyone viewing it was so disappointed that it wasn't for sale!

          My 'Welcome' sign was on the front shed door to welcome everyone that entered!
 Elizabeth brought in some staging to go around & it really enhanced the quilt show.

                       This two colour quilt was one of my favourites, so effective, so summery!

                                          I loved the cat quilt called 'Fifty Shades of Cats'.

Then I overheard an older woman saying to another "She didn't know what to call her quilt, I told her she should call it 'Fifty Shades of Pussy', well I nearly fell of my chair laughing! Such humor out here in the east & the elderly are... oh so witty!

                         The sale table was a hot item, namely with Geraldine's baby bibs!

 Elizabeth & Ali our student helper & that she was! My seat is the on with the Mustang baseball cap!lol

 More of Elizabeth's staging...those layer cakes & charm squares were quite the tease for everyone as they asked 'Are they for sale?' No just a show & share to show that material comes in all sizes.
I just loved the black vintage pin cushion cat, don't you?!

 A real hockey fan quilt! So much work & planning of the applique went into this one!

                                   A Christmas Dresden Plate, how effective is this?!!

                                     Lots of paper piecing in this quilt top hanging too!
                                          I loved the simplicity of HST & four patch put together.

 The Halloween witch quilt, oh so much work & the machine quilting has no two blocks done the same too! Very interesting & textural with the yarn work & embellishments.

                          This too was one of my favourites, I'm drawn to traditional design.

 And the hand applique work in the center was gorgeous! So was the hand quilting done throughout the quilt.
 Issie's hand sewn, hand quilted!  Flower Garden quilt, with all her mother's apron fabric & memories of fabric from days gone by. A true labour of love & I enjoyed her showing me the fabric of memories as she would point to a hexie & tell me where it came from. Gorgeous work Issie!

                                                             Elvis was in the building!

                                                  He's in the center puzzle quilt...can you see him?

                                         Bonnie Sullivan wool design, how sweet is this?!

                  This panel quilt made me think of Mitchell's Realtree quilt I made him last year!

 Heather & I saw a deer on the road yesterday on our way into town, it even stopped & looked at us the same way as these two! lol

You can see the panel, sorry for the side view shooting, I'm leaning into the quilt on the other side to take this but you can get the idea.

                                                          Fabric uses that make the story!

                                               Another hand appliqued & hand quilted piece.
                                                                   Sew much work!

                                                 Very summery fussy cut wallhanging

                                                                      Cute pumpkin wallhanging!

                                                           A boys wall hanging

                              Another Grandmother's Garden done in a different colour theme

                                   Quite the way to sign & personalize your quilt Donna!
                                             She did it on the back of the letter envelope!

 Gill's pride & joy...she purchased this quilt! It was another one of my favourites!

 Pat the creator of it said she cursed in both French & English doing it. She had laid the pieces out on a bed for colour placement...left the window open & a strong wind came in & the 1 1/2" pieces fly in every direction! Oh my! @#$%^&*

 As they sat to take a rest, I don't know who was more tired. lol Not his wife, she was taking it all in touring around! lol

 Elizabeth's batik beauty! Bravo Elizabeth!

                               Such a wonderful hand pieced story quilt of by gone days!

                                           There was a baby or child in nearly every block!

Well as she dips her toe into the water, I will close the post of  this week.
I hope you too enjoyed the quilt show. There were so many more quilts to view & be photographed but my camera's battery went dead! 

Have a great week! Thank you for stopping by!

Enjoy your summer, wherever you are & let Mother Natures sunshine kiss you! With sunscreen on of course, must wear protection!


  1. Dear Cynthia, so sorry it took me so long to comment. It's been a busy day and I was called away at the farm after reading your post.

    You and Bill are very creative. I love what you did with old windows.
    Your place is so well decorated for the summer, inside and out and I think that composter is the coolest.

    The quilts are amazingly beautiful. It such a great quilt show. Thanks so much for sharing it here on your blog.Your finished UFO are beautiful as usual.
    I hope that yo have a great Maritime Summer.

  2. Your garden looks beautiful. You have many good ideas to implement in the quilt. The designs you have made in quilt looks very beautiful and colorful...