Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Anniversary Garden

Bill arrived for a week visit with me & had fun on his big green tractor.

 He worked more into the garden that was out front of the house, enjoying every minute playing.

 Usually Mitchell is driving this & he's not here so guess where Bill was nearly everyday this week!

 He would dig & move dirt around, getting ready for the crushed black stone's placement.

 Bill would wear his mosquito armor, however the mosquitoes were not as bad this year as we were introduced to 'dunks' a killer to mosquitoes but not the wildlife. Thank you Heather, we're enjoying our property so much more this year!

 Boris found the black gravel pile very interesting & was eating mud stones? Missing something in his diet?

                                        How organic & good were those mud stones?!

       When I asked him what he was doing, he just looked away & ignored me like I wasn't there!

                                              I picked wild daisy's for the kitchen.

 And I'm totally amazed at how long they last inside. Such a happy flower that makes me think of my girlfriend Liz, she loves the daisy flower.

                           The clouds were very interesting so I took a photo of them.

                   And thought how lucky I was to be in such a beautiful place in Canada.

                           Same place, just an evening shot, so peaceful & so beautiful! The colours of red & orange are more intense because of the fires burning out west. Although so far away it affects the upper atmosphere of the clouds.

Best sunsets ever! Years ago,  Bill & I were on our 1st date, back in the summer of 1985 & we chased a sunset to watch it set over Lake Huron together.
The more things changed...the more they've stayed the same. :)

 I put these musicians in the garden to entertain the white bleeding hearts! lol

 Lucy is sporting her 'Bumble Bee' outfit. She's starting to look aged & will need a new paint job.
 Her orange beak & feet are flaking & fading from the strong summer sun. Lucy makes me laugh & I enjoy dressing her in the different outfits I've made for her over the years. She's strong & heavy, made of concrete, so she takes the shore winds quite well, just have to work on a good oil based paint now.

                        Bill went down to the shore & brought back my favourite stump!

It would be added to what he would name our 'Anniversary Garden',

                        Silly me, I thought I could bring the trunk up with my wagon! lol

                            It was soooo much heavier than I thought dead wood could be!

 I just loved the texture of the roots! What a statement piece in the garden this year. Usually we have rusty chains or anchors wash up on the beach, this year this beautiful sculptural tree trunk with roots.

         Even Boris was interested in what he was probably staking his territory on! lol

                                                     Bill also planted his garden!

                                           They have more rusty than I remember!

                                         Boris & I next to the kitchen herb garden.

The  Anniversary Garden

 The cement foundation was also being covered, what a huge difference that made!

The bottom right has not been finished yet & I can't wait to see that part done too!

At night the glass mushroom lights, light up. They are solar powered & just add to the garden & front entrance at night.

Thank you Bill for my Anniversary Garden, it's so finished now! XO

Oh Canada!

                              On Canada Day, Bill installed the flag pole & hung our flag!

 I really like the provincial flag with the countries flag but the wind pulled the pole down too much but it was left on for Canada Day!
                                                     Long may it fly, strong & free!

We had George & Ursula for dinner & Ursula always surprises me with her creativity! She said "I had no tape so I pinned the fabric together, be careful!" as she handed me this perfectly wrapped gift, strung with rickrack & beautiful Sulky rayon thread & ribbon. I had to take a picture & share this!

                                                     So colour coordinated too!

 Our new home is really coming together, this is the view as you come up from the driveway.

 I just love strolling through the walkways to see what is blooming or needs dead heading.

I never thought of myself as a gardener but it's true, it does the soul so much good being with nature.

Quote for the week.

"Every garden tells a story, if you know how to read it."
  ~Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life

All Things Will Grow With Love!
Sorry for the delay but I do hope you enjoyed your stroll through the garden!
Have a great summer week.


  1. Aww Cynthia, you are working magic at your new home. It's such a nice beginning garden. I love that you cemented around the gardens as it will be easy keeping it weeded. My problem is that we have so many weeds on our lawn that spread their seeds in my flowerbeds.

    Those lit mushrooms are a classy touch.
    Bill looks cute with his green tractor and bug jacket. I have one of those and I can hardly see through it so I use Off spray.The mosquitos are bad around the hedges. They hide in there and as soon as they detect carbon monoxide, they're on the attack.

    You honestly can take anything and turn it into something special like that big piece of driftwood. You (((Rock))) in the world of decorators. Yes you do...

    With all the rain we got, the gardens are bursting at the seams unlike my poor friends in California who's lawn are all totally brown from the drought. We have so much to be thankful for.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I looked with horror at the title and corrected my mistake.
    I was rushing to get to the barn to help my son move the older calves so he could clean their big pen and I didn't edit my post...
    Have a wonderful week. Enjoy your summer.

  2. Hi Cynthia - looks like you an Bill had a fab week together - that's fab for fabulous, not fab for fabric ;) Your place is looking great ! I so much enjoy your pics and seeing all your progress. One of these days I'll make it down for a visit .... in the meantime I'm planning a road trip for the ladies back here in SW Ont. Nice to get together for a fun day out. Say hi to Boris and Rexton TTFN