Monday, June 8, 2015

Settling In

Today is a rainy cool day making everything green & lush, just like being in Ireland. 

I picked some lilacs from the wee cottage. I'm going to call that place Carroll's Cottage. The Carroll family lived there, Raymond & Doddette raised 10 children & their place was known for their playing of music & card games. I planted a lilac bush out front several years ago & it's plentiful bloom this year is fragrant.  Heavenly to the senses. :-)

 The  Lee Valley seed starter is great! On the right is 1 week growth! I planted one batch & donated one batch to the EBH Garden Club plant swap.

Settling In The Great Room

My Christmas gift from Mitch last year has now been hung & I do enjoy it! It's so sad what's happening to the polar bear & Ducks Unlimited have done a beautiful job with capturing its magnificent stature. Thank you Mitchell William. XO

 The newest wall hanging has found a spot under the stair case, ontop of the Halloween, Five Grinners. The flying geese border add to the wall hanging.

                            The wooden & metal antique hanging gizmo adds to the primitive style.

 The front door hanging faux gold leaf wreath, from my thrift store find last year,  really compliments the Marriage wall hanging! Isn't it great when things just come together?!!

 The blue wall hanging really looks at home on this wall & the new thumb print king crown ruby glass fits perfectly in the glass cupboard. I've already entertained with it & it's lovely with the blue & white summer dishes too. Oh so nautical, red, white, & blue!

 Thank you for thinking of me Cynthia, I'll treasure these ruby treasures!

Working UFO's

 This wall hanging is now put together & ready for quilting, tomorrow is another rainy day - making it an indoor sewing day! Yes!!

 And look at this sewing studio...oh my I still need more organizing but Bev do you see my bins? They're up to the window & they're three wide!!
                                The floor does look nice though...when you can see it! lol

 My 'plarn' (plastic yarn) stash is going to have to find a new home or I need to find time to crochet it into the grocery carrying bags I intended to make.

 Rexton, now there's trouble! She's into all areas that she's not suppose to, she knows her name though when I strictly say it, she removes herself from the area that she's not to be in & will lay down on the floor. She acts like such a dog...this crazy cat! lol

 These are the last of my Mother's Day flowers from Donald & family & I hope to put them in a grape vine wreath. Thank you Donny. XO

                                 This sweet vintage,  little ceramic bird peeks out of its nest.

There's been lots of gardening done outside but it's too wet to take the camera outside. I'll show you what has been occupying my time & placing me in my new Kyrotime.
I'm working for hours outside these days & I have to wear a not so attractive net hat, to keep the black flies & mosquitoes of my head! That part of gardening I don't like however this net hat is a great invention! Yes to Lee valley & their gardening gizmo's! :-)

Thought for today.

Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances.

Thank you for visiting today & I hope you too have a great day...wherever you are!

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  1. Oh my Cynthia, your place is coming together so well. All your creations are just amazing. You never cease to amaze me. Your place looks like it belongs on a cover of a magazine.

    Your sewing room looks like it's got all you need to sew for a hundred years.
    Thanks for sharing your nice decorations.
    That little kitty sure is good.
    Have a great week.