Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Begins

The first full moon in June is on the 2nd and it is said that plants can now be hardened for outside growth. I've been working gardens for the first time here & wow it's a lot of work!

Rexton has settled in just fine & is doing OK as an indoor cat. She sees Tommy & Boris come & go from the door but just sits & watches. We have hawks & foxes in our woods, I just want to keep her safe.
Tommy has been coming & going from the house for 16 years & never wonders far from the porch.

And Boris, we'll he's loving the sun in the front sun porch. It's screened in & the black flies & mosquitoes cannot feast on him. lol

Last week the sky had a lot of scary movement to it.

Two hours away in Fredericton it was huge down pour & the streets would flood, we just had the wind & eerie skies.
South western Ontario would also feel the wrath of this storm front too.

                                                  My lilac bush is flowering beautifully!

Planted outside the great-room window the breeze brings in its fragrance when the window is open.
The white lilac has the most powerful fragrance & I look forward to it's growth over the years.

The Emerald green cedars are doing well through the wind since their planting & will only grow to a 3foot width.
The white bleeding hearts are planted between the trees & are doing well too. I plan on making a walking path of tree mulch between the house & the front flowerbed.

These evergreens set a contrast with the large evergreens & always look good against the blue skies.

This is my favourite spot, it's still in the making but it always seems so inviting to me & I'll show more as it progresses over time. It too will be lined with a tree mulch floor.

This is what it kind of looked like till Mich got busy inside. It awaits the guys for another visit & transformation. I don't do woods!

                                   Rexton in a serious look of pondering...she's still so playful.

                                   Tommy on the guest bed getting his morning sun on him.

          Boris in his blankie, he doesn't do mornings well & hides from the morning sun. lol

         These two are rarely together but the afternoon sun in the sun porch brings them together. :)

Boris too is an afternoon sun bather.
I have quite afternoons. lol

I started my morning glories in this new gadget from Lee Valley. The sun needs to be out more to help the growth. I'm hoping for another long summer to be able to grow this vine here.

                                                                They do look cozy!

I chuckle every time I see Nick's archery target! It's a decor piece in the sun porch right now.

My potting shed's interior has not taken shape but I did work on the entry with this sweet decoration.
My girlfriend Deb & were thrift shopping & I found these adorable boots! There's a bird in the top boot & faux flowers in the bottom boot to add a burst of colour. I crocheted a jute rope to hang everything together & just love the happy spring look it added to the door.

Great Room View

                                      I have a wonderful view out the great room window.

And was delighted to see these horses grazing in their back field. They're always together & the contrast of their colour make the pair amazing against the lush green background.

In the center grind in the center window you can see the blurr of the horses. It was a challenge to get the photo of just them. I need to understand my camera more to achieve what I see & what my camera gives me! lol

Garden Begins!
The four peonies in the front garden made it through the winter.

Neighbour Heather gave me more perennials for my garden collection, now to get them settled in!

                  I put new soil around them then put the shredded paper, soaked in water around them.

It's rather like making a cast from my sculptural days when I was at Art School. lol But by doing this process it will help the plant stay moist & 'no weeds' will come up around my plant for a couple of years...bonus, I dislike weeding! These are those wee rose bushes from Easter, I hope they survive & come back next year. Time will tell.

I put the cement urns out front to add colour. These annual plants from Costco are still showing their beautiful colours!
Colourful summer colours!

                  Not so colourful, the paper/cardboard process is full of hidden secrets. lol

All our garbage that I saved to do this process to stop the weeds around the plants, cookie boxes, pet supplies, & advertisement papers shredded & soaked in water. Recycling at it's finest!

Mmmm caramel drumsticks, my Co-op indulgence! Now hidden beneath the soil to disintegrate with time and it will keep the weeds at bay doing so!

Voila! My new front garden in place. I also had two outdoor taps installed to make the watering easy. After carrying over 10 watering cans from the kitchen to the gardens...I had my Hank, the local installer,  install the outdoor taps. Thank you Hank for your promptness of the installation!

                                  Gardening is hard work & you sure get a workout doing it...

Seeing these beautiful blooms make it all worth while & the glorious smell really bring your senses to want nature has to offer. This lilac bush sure has come to life here!
The one next to it only had a wee bloom this year & maybe will be more established next year.

The foundation's faux brick has been ordered & will be a better backdrop to this new garden. And once the tree mulch is put on top of cardboard...remember no weeds with thick cardboard!
I'll post these updates as they're done.

The sunset last night was an odd one & with the tide out you can see the water colour difference as the water is shallow & sand coloured. I'd not noticed that before!

It really is so beautiful here & the sunsets are it's highlight. I've always loved sunsets.
Bill & I had our first date 30 summers ago, watching a sunset over Lake Huron.
The more things change...the more they stay the same. :)

I'll be working on my UFO'S a challenge that Deb & I are doing. I've not yet started my June project's but I've brought many with me. Gardening has taken so much time & energy these days.
But there will be rainy days!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I hope you enjoyed your east coast visit this Tuesday.
Have a great week!

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  1. Welcome back to New Brunswick. I love the way you have used wet paper under mulch. i've used wet news paper to reclaim back a weedy flower bed several years ago but now i have so much creeping charlie in my yard and they creep into my flower beds. Amazing how well your potted plants made the trip to the cottage all the way from Ontario.

    Your fur kids are living in style.
    Hope to get some warm sunny days this weekend in N.B.. I have so much weeding to do with all the rain we got.

    Take care.