Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Early Easter

This year Easter arrived early in April & I awoke to freshly fallen snow! Everything was all white again, I brushed it off the car & went to the early Easter service. Everyone was greeting with laughter 'Merry Christmas'. I chuckled & thought to myself "there mixing the coming & going of Christ."
It never lasted as a warm front came in with rain & took the snow away. Yes! No snow again.
After all it's April showers to bring the May flowers!
 Nicholas surprised us with his favourite dessert, Dairy Queen ice cream cake.
                            I grew up in walking distance to a Dairy Queen ice cream parlour.

                                             How festive & happy are these pastel colours?!

 Thank you Nicholas...It was the icing on the cake! And yes I'm on sugar again!! And ate the icing on the cake & more! Memories of that delicious vanilla creamy ice cream! Yummy in my tummy!! lol

Sewing News----

 Reverend Marty & his wife Caroline are expecting their first child! He's on cloud nine & was showing me the border that they chose to put around the nursery wall.
Neither one of them want to know the sex of the baby so everything is to be neutral in colour.
 Monkeys are one of a fun jungle animals. Must have been the Bedtime For Bonzo movie that I watched as a child that created my love for monkey's. lol
So I used the drangonfly - seen on the last monkey on the right as the body of the Irish Chain.

 The fabric reads solid but it has wee dots on it. The fabric is from Connecting Threads lifesaver 2010 collection. I then added a bright green sashing around the perimeter.

There's no movement on the quilt top, I really don't know what she chases!

 Rexton helping with the photo...not! lol

 Then added a border of 'jungle leaves' in a rainbow colour.

 On the edge is Rexton showing where I'll be putting the brown & white bias striped binding. lol

I was out last week to have my hair done & in the parking lot saw this next to the garbage bin. Well it was wet from the rain but I could see it as a prop at the quilt show displaying civil war doll quilts & mini quilts! The veneer was coming loose but nothing some TLC & glue wouldn't fix.
How sweet is this?!

 And it was free!! One mans junk....:)

Bill's Birthday is this week & I purchased something that he had commented on liking.

 It was this tilt table with beautifully done inlay. The table came from The Siegel estate, that had & still do sell shoes here in London. It came from their place of business at Clarence Street & York Street. I love how it's craftsmanship of the inlaid pieces are just beautiful on their own!

 And the detailing of this finial & it has its own glass coaster feet!

Rexton loves how the tilt table is her window table when it's done. lol
Don't get use to it Rexton, it's bound for Toronto, to be put in Bill's apartment. Where it will stay in the tilt position to be admired, until I visit & it becomes my breakfast table! lol

 Years ago Bill presented me with this handmade tray with the inlay design. I just love it & the durability it has stood up to over the years.

 Craftsmanship is shown even on the back! It's the Chevron design!! Something you're seeing everywhere this year & last. In the sewing world it reminds me of Rickrack!!  lol

This week has been a trying one with 11 year old Boston Terrier, Boris Loree having numerous seizures & the dishwasher breaking down, both drawers will not drain. grrrrrrr
Bill's going to open up the drain trap at the Y point to see if it's clogged. I'm hand washing all the dishes again, practicing for the cottage living.

I saw this saying & it made me think of my whoa.

If you can smile when everything goes wrong, you're either a nitwit or a repairman.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by & have a wonderful short work week!


  1. Happy Belated Easter Cynthia. Spring is belated here too and when I went to the barn this morning it was still snowing. The sun is shining now.
    Love the cake... how sweet of your son. The quilt is going to look fabulous. I love that the little butterfly is the catalyst that made you chose those colors.

    Sorry about the breakdown of your dishwasher. I hope it's not serious. You really found a treasure in the unusual tilt table. Happy Birthday Bill...

    So sorry about Boris, the same happened to my rescue chihuahua Peppy and after a while we couldn't control the seizures and he wouldn't recognize even me and would be so afraid he would try too bite me. The kids were young and I didn't want the dog to bite them. He would get lost sometimes when he went out to pee and would wander up a busy highway... His seizures got so bad that he would loose control of both ends and it wasn't pleasant. We had him put to sleep....We couldn't afford the medicaments back then.

    Take care, hugs.

  2. Isn't Spring wonderful! Happy Easter - luv the cake :)
    Sorry to hear about poor Boris, know what it's like looking after a furry friend with epilepsy - not fun.