Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Leaving Like A Lamb?!

This is a perfect day for snoozing it away!

Rexton is Boris's "Watch Cat On Duty". lol

And she's had enough of that...

As you...

Can see...

Her job...

Is 'Hands On'. lol

These two have developed...

Quite the...

fellowship as bed-fellows?!lol

Sewing report on those rabbits...

 And were way more work that I thought!

 45 yo-yo's for the arms & legs & 12 more for the body ---
 Yes 57 to-yo's total per bunny rabbit!!

 And then the making of the head & ears too! But oh so cute when done.

 Rexton is on the prowl...

 And investigates anything that's getting more attention than her. lol

 A quick sniff & no movement.

 She moves on & the bunnies are safe for a time.

 Bill surprised me with hydrangea's this weekend on his grocery store run. Yes he does most of the grocery shopping as he has no patience for me reading everything on the label & doing the price comparison to every item. I've so many allergies & sensitivities to ingredients & chemicals that I investigate every label.  He does do a much faster job than I could & I enjoy that he buys me flowers...I wouldn't do that for me! lol
 The violet  rabbit is such a calm colour,

 While the pink is perky!

 I think I prefer the violet rabbit right now - however the blue rabbit is not done yet.

 Bunnies in the sun. :)
 Such an old pattern idea of yo-yo's in toys. My eldest sister Bonnie made one for Mitchell 27 years ago by crocheting yo-yo's into a clown with a plastic head & large bells at the end of the hands & feet.
He loved the noise of the jingle bells & teethed on his clowns head.

 But fabric has always been my textile of creation for colour & design. I'm thinking of hooking a rug in fabric rather than wool this summer. I've so many panyhose too that have lost their elasticity over the years & I'll work them into a design too.

 These hydrangeas really feel like spring when I look at them!

 Last night I finished the embroidery hanger of spring circular design. I used the 'Sticky Solvy' that you copy through the photocopier & then stitch through it. When your finished stitching you place your finished piece in warm water & it resolves in the water, then dry & voila!
 I will use this product again. I purchased it on line at Connecting Threads when they had it on sale. I'll be waiting for another sale to get another package of 12 sheets for more embroidery quilt projects. The Walmart in Miramichi was getting out of fabric yardage & I picked up this piece of batik at a good price. It was perfect for Easter decorating & I used it here with other solid batiks.
 The detail that is picked up through this Sticky Solvy' process is so easy, it's great!

 Sweet little rabbit embroidery is now complete---that was a two year UFO project... to get around to!
Bev had her blue one hanging on her kitchen wall weeks ago! Good job Bev, you inspired me!

Weather Today...

 This is what London Ontario looked like this morning! The view from my front door...

 If March came in like a lion, is this the lamb?!  Baa Sh*#, could be worse though & be a spring ice storm.
Tomorrow it will be all gone with the sun & a high of 8C, wet slushy spring day.

 So indoors it is with a splash of spring colours!

 As with the bunnies--- I await the explosion of spring colours outside. :)

Last weekend when I wasn't feeling well, Bill brought home flowers, hoping that I would feel better. This week I'm well and those flowers cheer my day!
Spring is so close & the longer days reassure us that it's just a matter of time---till Spring Time!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit & I hope my flowers brightened your day!

Hop On & Have A Great Week!


  1. Those two are quite the pair. lol.... They are always sleeping in a warm spot.

    Your yo-yo bunnies look like a big job. I thought it was an older pattern as it seems I had seen these somewhere before. You always do such a great job.

    I used to embroider pillow cases when I was young. I would transfer the pattern on cotton with a hot iron. I've never seen the Sticky Solvy before. I'm so behind in all the latest trends. Congratulations on finishing another UFO.

    You're lucky that Bill brings you pretty flowers even when you're not sick. Thanks for sharing the pretty bouquet.

    Spring came in like a lion and has gone out like a lamb her with only a few little flakes but Halifax got the storm. They are getting more than their fair share this year. They had such bad weather that resulted in a plane crash. I'm sure you heard about it.

    Have a Happy Easter dear Cynthia.


  2. Love the yo yo rabbits! Are they for sale ?