Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Studio Windows!

My studio windows are wonderful!! I wasn't going to get new windows there but after Hurricane Arthur, I knew after they leaked & filled with water between the panes!! that new ones where needed. Five windows were removed & replaced by two.
The east side window.

 After! A new design wall.
That's coming together with the Crazy Star Quilt. That's a quilt that my girlfriend Deb & I are doing this month. She's ahead of me & with this woman I think I've met my match!
This quilt has...OK Bev brace yourself! 948 pieces sewn together to create this beauty,  plus the binding! Yes Deb if it seems like a lot, it is - I counted! I'm nearly 1/2 done the assembly. I love my new design wall for colour placement & a place to put all these pieces, once sewn together. I'm not going to miss that window, love the wall!


 Removal & insulation with new siding.

 Very hot days for Hank & Albert, I say inside out of the sun.

 Notice the 2nd storey windows? Those are the new bedroom windows & they crank open & have screens!!
 The 8 sun porch windows are 'side-sliders' & can be opened with ease. I can do it with one finger! What a change from the old aluminum ones that you had to stretch your arms out 54" & pull the plastic handles inward, then slide the window up. With eight windows in that room it seemed like a workout on your wingspan! Love the new Global Windows & they're made right here in New Brunswick!

 No studio windows...
 Window lift...
 Window install
 Window number 13! Only five more to go!

 These too are side sliders & were custom ordered to size to work with those custom roman shades that I made last month! I'd no idea that new windows were going to be installed in my studio & I was so upset after making all those shades. Hank was the one that thought it best to order custom windows to use the blinds. Great idea! So in 9 days they were ordered, made & installed
 I love the look of the evergreens, through the windows.
 Windows installed! What a mess in that room! Must have chaos to have change!
 View from a window. :-)
 View from the other window. :-)

Today was the front of the cottage. The wind really picked up & the old window is now gone. The front is really going to be the biggest change in this reno look.
 The porch was pulled away from the house & new siding has started to be installed over the insulation. The insulation that has been installed on the east & west side has really helped to keep the house cool this hot summer.
 The downstairs will only have a bathroom window & three more to install upstairs.

 You can see the texture of the new siding but it will be so close to what's there,  most people will not know that new siding has been added.

 The Long & Winding Road...
 Is full of weeds again!! Grrrrrrr
 The last of the windows awaiting their install. :-) See the Hostas that I brought with me this year. They do add texture to the plain dirt area & I hope they flower. This new shed that was made by Bill & Mitch made last Thanksgiving has been used daily. I don't know how we'd get along without it! Thanks guys!
 Bill found another anchor after the hurricane Arthur & put it in the garden with the other one he found last year.
 I purchased these Celosia last year at Costco & they're thriving there.
 I also purchased Daisies that day, they're my girlfriend Liz's favourite flower! I think of you when i see these Liz!

These Marigolds were grown from seed, I started them in June but there showing flowers. They're no very big but just as colourful as the big ones! They're going in front of the Hostas in front of the shed this weekend.

Hazy day today with thunderstorm warnings. White caps on the waves could be see today.
Thank you for stopping by. Tomorrow I'm in Rexton at Bonar Law Common Settlement, it's a 'hook-in' in the kitchen. We went last year & had so much fun!  Lunch is at the harbour, will post photos tomorrow!
Summer is here & it's great!

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  1. How wonderful to have some new windows. Your place looks so nice and when your renovations are all finished it will be doubly nice.

    Your quilt looks wonderful and that wall is a great space to get your quilt assembled.

    We only got a bit of rain and didn't get the thunder and lightning that was announced. I'm not complaining. I didn't had to go water my tomatoes today.
    Hosta sure adds some beauty and your little Marigolds will bloom in no time.

    Take care