Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Myers Quilt Show

This past weekend was a busy one with the Myers Quilt Show. Have a video view & I'm sorry that I never spoke more loudly.
But oh the visual of the day!! Enjoy...


Now for the photos that I took at the show, I hope you see something that has inspired you!

 Phyllis' Sewing Room workshop project...I wish I was at the Miramichi Guild this winter, when they did this beauty!
 These little dresses were so precious, the lighting wasn't the best for our camera shots. You had to be there!
 This hand quilted whole cloth was one of the SOLD ones, going to a very good home...no not mine :-(

 Izzy's Flower Garden, she's also the painting teacher in Hardwicke, her painting of Myers Church is coming up...

 This is one I'm trying this summer!
 My Favourite!
 Yes I'm going to try this one too in a smaller scale.

 Love the colours, makes me think of you Paulette!

 Great fabric theme!

 Stack & Whack

 Asia Quilt Theme
 The back really shows the amount of quilting in this quilt!
 This is one of the 13 quilts that the Miramichi Quilt Guild did for the Women's Transitional Home.

 Love the ducks! Paper pieced to perfection!
 My Night in the Forest is Alberta Bound for Christmas.
 Love this one, so much work in the detailing!

 Love the traditional styles! Log Cabin...
 Triple Irish Chain, gorgeous!

 Rail Fence, still haven't done one of these...yet!

 More Stack & Whack, very pretty.
 Jean's Mystery Mayhem, done in colour.
My Mystery Mayhem done in black & white fabrics & an added touch of the Serenity Prayer,  to personalize it for Nicholas' 25 Birthday in November.

 Redwork Embroidery
 How sweet is this quilt!
 Love the silhouettes!

 French Braids...
 Stack & Whack, another workshop I missed! But Liz & I did one, hers is done & mine will be in the show next year!
 Pat does such beautiful work! This is another SOLD one.

Dresden Plates!

French Braid - Gone Scottie!

 This really belongs in my sunroom...must get this pattern!

 Phyllis was busy sewing & selling her sewing room gadgets!

 Really wish I'd done this workshop for my studio!
 Antique Quilt to greet the company coming in.
 Elizabeth & I hung the Lone Star higher on the quilt rack but the wind near the shore tore all the pins off! Stunning eye catcher to the attendees!

Isabel Jenkins painting, on loan for the show from Elizabeth. It was a thoughtful gift to her from her husband Jay.   :-)

After such a lovely day last Saturday, it's hard to believe that a week ago Saturday was Hurricane Arthur, just hammering us!

Thanks for the visit & I hope you enjoyed your tour with YouTube too! Thank you Bob & Cathy Lipsett for the lovely video!

Enjoy your week, I'm off to Amherst this week with girlfriends, Christel, Bev, & Elizabeth. We're off to see & hear Kaffe Fassett speak on colour! Nova Scotia...here we come! Drop by again to see that posting!

Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.
                                                                                             William Morris 1880

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful quilt show. Wow, so much work... lots of stitches in those quilts.
    Your quilts are beautiful as well. It's nice that you have a large enough building for your rug show and the quilts as so well displayed. There must be a lot of quilters in the area.

    Thank goodness Arthur is gone and didn't come visit during the show.

    Thanks for also sharing the link to the youtube video. Maybe next year you can have a mike so we can hear your voice better.

    Have a great week Cynthia,