Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sew On!

Well I've gotten a few things done this week.

 Mitchell's short PJ bottoms...don't know if they fit him, he never tried them on.

 Nick's long bottoms, I finally got them off him to shorten the crotch depth & he asked where his pockets went? I told him it was a new pattern with no side seam & no pockets. I found this pattern whilst cleaning my studio & it's quick, within an hour you can have them made & that's with doing french seaming too! I'll have to find Nick's pattern again. lol

 When the kids were little & I made their clothes, I always sewed a button on the front of their pajama bottoms.  'Buttons to belly buttons' I would tell them as they learned to dress themselves. Now with that technique still in place, you can dress yourself in the dark! lol
 I loved this camo print when i first saw it sewing for Liz, she told me she had purchased it at Lens Mill in Woodstock. Yes that's where I found it on my outing with Bev & Lynn...for $2.99 yard! It's filled with wild woodland animals.
 Flannel is a perfect backing, so I purchased enough for our BOM Elizabeth. No I've not started yet but will post when I do.
 Garbage bags for my vehicle, it matches my floor mats. lol
 I lined the inside with quilted nylon. I remember the kids having snowsuits in this & nearly dropping them because it's so slippery but on the upside, it's very washable.

 Yes another past project that I found in my studio. On one of my Thrift Store finds, this beautiful canvas needlework caught my eye & I purchased it to make a pillow to go on the antique couch. Well, when I removed it from the frame I found the First Place ribbon that was won on this piece in Petrolia ON. How could such a wonderful piece be given away? This is an heirloom work of art, one that I'll cherish for years to come.
 This ribbon will be sewn into the pillow casing, as it belongs to the picture that's going to be remade into a pillow that will be displayed on the couch. I love finding treasures! & this one certainly was!

Oh the Black & White Merry Mayhem Mystery Top!

I still needed four 8 1/2" blocks to finish the quilt. Then I remembered my perpetual quilt block calendar! Yes indeed, this will work!

                                                      Block One

                                                                  Block Two

                                                                   Block Three

                                                                       Block Four

 All done now! Excuse the work in progress underneath. lol It was the only place that had enough space to place this down. It finished at 66" x 78", nice size lap quilt to cuddle under.

 This Serenity Prayer is one of my favourites for keeping my life balanced. I'm going to be looking for black & white flannel for the back. The sales for the flannel bedding should be happening soon & a double flat might do the job!

 A few years back when the CQA was hosted in London ON, Jill Buckley designed this leaf bowl for the guilds across Canada to make for the table center pieces. I made several & it's an easy make.
The boys have asked me to make them a key catcher in the Real Tree camouflage fabric.
 This is the pattern, I trace it onto freezer paper then cut it out. The freezer paper can be reused again & again if your careful & not tear it.

 This is my favourite fabric, Canadian Maple Leaf plaid, made for Canada's centennial year.
 The other side is Canadian Postcards by Thimbleberries.

 The doorbell rang a few days ago & Fed-Ex delivered this box to Nick. During Christmas Nick took a phone call to help trouble shoot an elevator in the US. After a while the elevator was running again & to thank him the client tried to ship a fruit basket over the border unsuccessfully. He then tried his favourite chocolate maker to make a shipment to Canada...look what arrived!!

 48 of the most beautiful chocolates I've ever seen! Christopher Elbow is the artisan from Kansas City. These are just soooooo delicious too! The green ones have the rosemary herb in them...or should I say did have! Thank you for sharing with your mom Nick, you made my day.


  1. Goodness Cynthia, you are sew busy sewing you must feel at home in a fabric store unlike me who gets overwhelm with choices whenever I go to Fabricville. lol.

    Great idea with the button in the front for the kids and adults alike. You can dress in the dark like you said.

    Interesting chocolates, they look very pricey. I has similar one for Christmas but not as many bright colors. They were imported, tiny and very pricey. Mine were made with Cocoa butter instead of soy lecithin so I could eat them.

    The quilt blocks are looking great. Spring can't be too far away but it sure feel as though Winter has a good grip on us.

  2. After reading your blog I just wanted to give you a big hug. Sometimes people can take advantage of our good will and it hurts.
    I am so proud of your progress in your studio. It must be like Christmas every day with all the old finds you discover. You will be up and out sewing in your studio in no time.

  3. Good morning
    Sheila was up for the day Saturday, we were making a blue block for a quilt for Alphonese, she is still waiting to go to Moncton, the doctor she will see is on vacation.
    Sun is out but still darn cold
    I love the black & white quilt ....
    do you have any free time, I need some, the days are going by so fast, I don't have a lot of time to play ....
    See you soon