Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dad's Birthday...

It would've been my dad's 87th birthday today, he passed away September 17th 2000. I was very close to my dad & saw him nearly everyday, even if it was for morning coffee & toast on my way to work.
He was my sounding board for the issues that would come up both in business & family & now there's just the void in my heart. He was my foundation as a child & I loved him dearly as an adult.

 Here's a 'Family Photo' circa 1966 of my brother, sister with her cat, & myself sitting on dad's knee.

Dad could look miserable at times but I know that he lived with much pain in his body. On June 29th 1969 he would crash his plane & would live to tell about it, however he would from that day on be a paraplegic. My childhood would change too. The gout in his hands & arthritis in his shoulder would settle in too. He lead a bachelor lifestyle since mom left in 1965 then this accident in 1969. He was, in one word, a survivor & very independent.
This picture was taken in Florida at his trailer that he would retreat to for the winter. I told him that I could not spend Christmas with him but I would be there for his birthday. So Bill & I would load the van with the kids & head to Florida, it was a 22 hour journey...no stop. We did that for years & he looked forward to seeing us & we looked forward to having the sun on us & shedding our winter clothing. On one trip, we took in Disneyland & Epcot, what a fun time.

This was our last time together in Florida, he would become ill with terminal cancer & die a short time after.
I remember how horrified he was to see my hair colour change, 'Tell me that you can wash that out!' he said sternly from his wheelchair. 'Nope daddy, this is the new me!' He'll be smiling down on me now, after 16 years as a blonde, I went back to the original colour of brunette. What's old is new again!

It's been 14 years since his passing but he would be so proud of his family doing the elevator business that their doing today. You see he started this industry with his patent back in 1972, making a vertical platform lift for the handicap! His grandson's & son-in-law work in the industry now.

Happy 87th birthday daddy! I miss you & your stories of 'I've seen me...' He is gone but not forgotten.

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  1. What a touching story Cynthia. He sure would be proud of his family. I guess he liked his little girl the way she was but he would be very proud of you for sure.

    Happy Birthday to your dad.