Tuesday, December 10, 2013

O Christmas Tree

The tree was cut down & brought in last Saturday night. Bill cut down our own tree from our front yard! Yes on our postage stamp property in the core of the city, we have our own fresh cut tree.

 The tree was cut from this small front garden. As you can see it was very close to the house & the AC unit, that's been covered for the winter.
 Here's a small cedar that in about two years will be ready to be harvested too!

 It was not a very thick trunk but Bill finally adjusted it to hold the tree upright.

 Here's the first tree that Bill helped grow on our property, one of several but these cedars grow so fast & our neighbours yard is lined with them so seeds spread everywhere.

 Did I mention that this was a postage stamp property?

 Yes we're very close to our neighbours, just a car in between to separate the houses.

 Nick has a tree, well there's really two there! They too can be harvested in years to come.

Here's our Christmas tree for this year! We've not had a real one in decades...not since the tree holder leaked for days on the hardwood floor & heaved it right up. A new tree holder was purchased for this tree & wow the style of the base has changed too! The tree had to be cut down & we thought that this would be a great way to enjoy it this season.

Sewing Update...

 These were made from the 'not so perfect stars from Temecula's Christmas Countdown quilt. They're less than 3" in size & now hang on the Christmas tree.

 This is a runner I made for the top of the bookcase self that now holds the Christmas dishes. It was quilted in squares then brought together in the 'quilt-as-you-go' technique.

 This is the other side, it's going to be great for Valentine's Day.

 Here's the Temecula Christmas Countdown quilt, all bound & displayed in the lounge on a bench by the Christmas tree.

This is my Christmas sewing for me this year! Thanks for your kitchen space for my photo shoot Beverley!

Then from napkins & placemats from the 'after Christmas' sales from last year, I purchased these to use as pillow coverings for this year. :-)
 How elegant & washable these will be! Just as I was about to make them, I changed the sewing machine foot to the zipper foot & low & behold...my machine was NOT holding the foot, the ankle on the machine had broke, the spring was missing.
 I took my machine in ASAP as the one year full warranty would  run out on December 14th. It's now being shipped to Toronto to be repaired. I'm using my old Pfaff for now & forgot how much I love that machine. It has not bells or whistles but can sew beautifully & fast.

Voila, I made three pillow in total, two square pillows & one rectangle pillow.

The silver damask goes so well with the fabric in the chair.
 And my favourite black pillows too!
The placemats are keeping the dust at bay - not as noticeable on the silvery grey as it is on the dark stained furniture. This old 1916 house sure can collect the dust, Bill says it's because I have pets, I think it's because of the furnace blowing things around. The filters are changed monthly & still the dust magically appears.

 O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches!

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  1. Hello, happy to see you are keeping busy . tree looks great
    I am going to a pot lunch in Hardwick next wednesday at Simone Daley
    our Wednesday quilting group .. will be thinking of you