Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Roof Install

When I came home last month, I was trimming the lilac bush & noticed that that it had several shingles in the branches. I thought 'Some poor bugger had lost their shingles with the strong winds we had been having'. Well the next day I was coming up the hill, on our street with Bill & saw...that poor bugger was me! The west side of the house had shingles lifted everywhere!!
The next day Home Depot had the 'Don't pay for 18 months' promotion come through the mail & Bill & I were on it & headed to the Home Depot. A week later a sales person did the estimate & a week later the job started.
 There was over a foot of snow to be shoveled of the roof, then the layer of old shingles were removed. The whole process with all the snow was frightful for me watching these boys do their job.

 The icicles are on my house, I had double ice damning going on that day. The fellow would hold onto a rope with one hand & remove the shingles with a shovel with the other.
 This was the 'safety rope'... so long as you held on. lol
 The laneway filled with old asphalt shingles & the screen to the basement window didn't stand a chance with all the shingles piling up. I would soon learn that that would be the least of my worries.

After they had left & everything was quiet again, Boris wanted out & I opened the door & let him out.  I realized that he didn't want back in after a few minutes, where was he?

 Well, would you believe that I had all that shoveled out! The snow removal from the roof was everywhere & now blocking my pathway out & backyard gate.
 Where is Boris? ...

 The other gate was left wide open & packed tight with snow from the four workers & their wheel barrow. Boris had an opening out, I found him out front sniffing all the workers supplies that were left for the next day.

 I could not shovel the very packed snow with my plastic shovel. I called the company & he said they would have someone come back to make the yards enclosed, in about half an hour. And someone did come, not one of the workers from that day though. I thanked him for making my yard a closed one for my dog Boris & shoveling out my gate area. I was pleased with the service on Thursday the first day of work. I gave him a box of 4 rumballs for his trouble & thanked him again.

 Everything was placed in a tarp as I expressed my dismay when my neighbour next to me had a new roof installed & I got a flat tire from one of the roof nails that were missed.

 Bill arrived on Friday afternoon & he too liked the look of the new roof. It was Black Friday & the workers left early that afternoon. At 3pm Bill went out & came back in the house & told me why they left in a hurry or slinked out...

 Their trailer had backed into our house! The driver had to have felt that impact! Nothing was said from anyone. I was very disappointed in the workers & Bill made a call to Portman Roofing Ltd. but it was Friday at 3pm & Black Friday at that. No answer from the company. Then a call was made to the Home Depot Co-coordinator & he replied 'That nothing could be done till Monday'. So I know how my Monday will be trying to make this right again.

 Portman Roofing Ltd. of London did do a nice job on the 50 year roof...
 It was just how they left their job site...
 What a mess!

Portman Roofing Ltd. has a quote on their website ``When you hire us for your roof installation project, you`ll get a dedicated team of professionals every step of the way.`` Tomorrow will tell just how much they stand up to their motto.

On a lighter note, this one is for you Marg. I know how fond you are of Lucy & her outfits! lol
 My personalized sled from Miramichi,  New Brunswick & Lucy in her festive Santa suit I made her last year.

This little quilt finished at 32`x 40`` & is now ready to be quilted then have the binding put around it. I hope that you got yours done Ursula & Elizabeth...Beverley thank you for printing the pattern out for me & yes it was a lot of work!

I made this foyer entry planter by adding pussy willows & two small potted poinsettias to the Mother-in-Law`s tongue plant. I was pleased with these combinations and how one complainants the other. Red, green, & white, how could you go wrong. lol

December now begins, this is the best time of the year! I love Christmastime & my Sirus XM Radio is now on the Holly channel, only Christmas music with NO advertising or annoying announcers.
:-)  I`ve been making Rumballs & have more batches of raisins soaking in rum for more sharing of these yummies. Mitchell, your Rumball tin has been sent out & do share & eat responsibly, those raisins were plump with rum before I blended them into the other ingredients. Enjoy!
Let the festivities begin!


  1. Seems you are having the year from hell, with all the work needing to be done, next year will be perfect.....
    Lucy, looks lovely in her Christmas attire
    Enjoy your Holidays

  2. Don't forget to soak the cherries for the middle of the rumballs as well. Scott prefers a Grand Marnier soak to the rum, so mine taste a little different. I do use rum on the fruitcake though.

  3. Cynthia, your Temecula Christmas Countdown Mystery Quilt is gorgeous! Thanks for the link

  4. Doing the roof with that amount of snow can be dangerous. But since new shingles needed to be put up to stop the damage on your roof from worsening, it's good to hear that the roofers made a satisfying job. But then again, I'm sorry to see that they left your yard in bad condition. So were they able to fix the damages they incurred? I surely hope so.
    Kemberly @ Patriot Roofing

  5. That's a fine and dandy roof you got there. Hope the instillation wasn't too much of a burden, physically and money-wise. A good roofing service should be able to mitigate all the costs, the inconveniences and all that. But yeah, good save !

    Toby @ Tittle Brothers Construction

  6. That was quite unfortunate! But it was a good thing that you were able to figure out the problem out right away. It would’ve been worse if it was left untraced and untreated. So, how are things doing now? I hope you had it all settled before another storm passed by your area. Take care!

    Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roof