Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Harmony & Heavy Equipment

I took this photo of  complete harmony of Tommy & Bose. They're brother & sister from the same mommy cat, different litters & different dad's. Bose is from the first litter & went to the shop that we had in 1998, with her sister Buttons & never was with Tommy till this spring when I brought the two together. I was nervous about the two being together as Tommy is the male & Bose the female but as you see they get along better than what Tom & Jerry did. I think Tommy was lonely after Jerry's passing last March...or he see's just how big his 'big sister is'! & doesn't mess with her. lol

More finds...
 I washed this hand woven blanket with baking soda & detergent, then rinsed it in 1/2 cup of vinegar to try to rid the mothball smell from it. I started washing it with a soak in the solution in the bathtub & was amazed at the amount of dirt that was released in the water. Then into the front loader washing machine for the knit cycle then the 'rinse & spin' with vinegar.
 I then hung it out to dry on the line, today is a gorgeous breezy day. I'm going to leave it on the line till nightfall, hoping to lose the mothball smell.
 The hem was hand turned in the blanket appropriate!
 You can see the seamline as a loom is only so wide. My sister-in-law has a loom & has made me a table runner that I treasure & I know that it takes a lot of work to weave a piece together. So when I saw this work of art at the Salvation Army for $1.50, I knew I had to get it & try to rid the smell of mothballs out of it. I'll wash it again tomorrow with the same process if the smell is still there.
But till then I admire the handwork of the artisan & the work of  this labour of love that is now mine. :-)

 My grocery store fall mums are really coming into a beautiful full bloom.
 I just love the rich autumn colours that are now beginning to show themselves against the blue fall skies.

 Boris is even taking in the sunshine that's making today 'The perfect fall day'.
 I was admiring his side profile & the sheen of his coat.

 I've been playing with making potholders of squirrels & squares. I traced the silhouette of my April Cornell potholder & will make some up as gifts.

 With this colour scheme, they look Christmasy.
I'm missing my pet Squirrel but I know he's in good hands with Patricia, she says he has been spoiled by me & I let her know that he's not spoiled as spoiled means to go bad...he's not bad - Squirrel's 'pampered'. lol

 I've not worked on my rug all week. I did do some playing in the background, I just don't know if it will get to be too busy. So I'll work around it & think about it. I do think that a log cabin border would look great going around it thought & there's enough burlap to add it!

 Here's the finished picture to this rug titled 'Fanwood'.

Oh the saga of the cottage continues...

 I mowed the lawn last night, it's so nice to be outside without those mosquitoes!!

 This was one of two tree stumps being removed from the front of the cottage.

 This is the backyard where a new cement septic tank was installed yesterday!

 Oh the ditches that the heavy machinery leaves after the job! It made for a bumpy ride on the lawn mower!

While all this was going on yesterday...I went to my first painting class. We're doing a mountain scene, I'm doing it but the whole process is new to me & I'm learning a new patience in itself. I do enjoy colour & design though & the fellowship of like minded people was quiet enjoyable.   
Until next week... I won't touch this painting but I do need to play with my mixing of colours more.

I look forward to rug hooking tomorrow! Oh the variety of mediums that I love to work in!

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  1. Your beautiful cats are getting mellow with old age. It's a blessing that they get along so nicely.

    Your wool weaved blanket was quite a great bargain, unbelievable. I'm sure that the vinegar and the fresh air and sunshine will take care of the moth ball odour.

    Your colorful mums are spectacular. They really welcomes Fall and visitors as well.Boris is a smart dog taking advantage of the sunshine. With all the rain we've had, I'd say he's very smart.

    I love that cute squirrel pot holder, so unusual... They will make nice gifts.

    I'm sure that your pampered squirrel misses you and is waiting for your return.

    I love the pattern on that rug. I'm not quite sure which border you are talking about. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

    Getting a septic bed in is quite a big job and that was a big stump to pull out.

    I'm sure that no moss will grow on you. Taking painting lessons... I'm envious. I've been wanting to do that for years but with my schedule I had to pass on the lessons this past spring. I'm sure that you'll be good at it. I'm looking forward to see your progress.