Monday, September 16, 2013

Full Weekend!,

It sure was a full started on Friday with the set up of the Miramichi Guild Quilt Show, followed by the show on Saturday 10am-7pm & Sunday 10am-5pm. A very full weekend! Here are some photos -

 This was our booth - Falloween, all things fall & Halloween were to be found here! Judy V. & Joan M. manned this booth beautifully.

 This was a quilt done by Judy R. in the guild, it was a 'tinner' (each block is done by a different mystery guild member) she then embellished it in her signature way & Crystal P. then machine quilted it, WOW what a finished piece & it complimented our 'Falloween Booth' as one of our outer walls! The quilt was titled 'Bewitched'.

 A detailed block -
 And another -
 And another, many admirers would stand in front of this work of art & still not being able to take in all the detailing!
 The 'Sewing Room' theme being set up

 It was delightful to view all the sewing themes
 This was one of my favourites!

 The 'Christmas Room' being organized for the opening the next day.

 I love Christmas with the fresh green & warm red colours!

 This is the 'Kids & Babies Room', oh so cute!

 This Celtic beauty has inspired me to think of some handwork...after a few UFO's are done! I Love It!

 Te 'General Store' was very popular with the yummy fudge & preserves & so much more as a good General Store would have!

 This quilt with the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' caught my eye, the centers were fussy cut from fabric I have in my studio, to make aprons...hummmm

 The vistors to the show began at this table & were warmly greeted as they entered, so many smiles were had through this show, quiet infectious. lol

 At this booth raffle tickets were sold for the beautiful quilt behind the smiling ladies & three gorgeous gift baskets.

 Judy R. yes the maker of Bewitched, sits in the Christmas Room, many of the items were made by her also!

 Yes, not only a fireplace in the Christmas Room but a fully decorated lit tree too!

 Maureen E. manned the 'Kitchen Room' & worked on her Grandmother Garden pieces, it was great visiting with her as she gave me instruction on how to make these beauties! This summer I had purchased the paper pieces to these on my 'sit/stay' car ride for 16 hours on my way back to Ontario in a couple of months.

 Sewing Room was next to the Boutique Room, oh what a show it was!

Cecile with her daughter - look at these peas in a pod! Lovely ladies, they laughed when I told them they both had the same stance & told me the son/grandson had it too! & they wondered where he'd picked it up. lol

 Meike B. manned her Fabric Discount booth with so many quilty items, oh the flesh was weak & I purchased a piece of textured brown fabric for a new quilt I'll be starting this winter with Elizabeth L.

 Bev H. & Crystal P. manned this ' Asian Booth' oh so beautiful, they were next to us at the 'Falloween Booth'.
 Oh so decorated & what a contrast to us! The Chinese lanterns were a good introduction to us though! lol

 Here's Judy V. & Joan M. behind the themed booth
 Those Chinese lanterns would work for us! Bev H. gave me some pods, for the seeds at the end of the show. I'm going to have to Google how to make them come to life.

 How sweet is this little dress quilt! the silhouette is the same with EVERY dress designed differently, so sweet.
 This was my flower garden quilt, which I sold to a woman that was Christmas shopping for her brother. Merry Christmas!
 I loved the side design on this quilt, stunning!

 All those sweet dresses again!

 Simple butterflies, but very effective when put into this block design.

 Yes Maureen E. you've inspired me to give it a try & what a great way to use up those small scraps from past projects. Kind of like making your own Grandma memory quilt.

 This was a neat looking scarecrow, his face is the top of the one hat & his hat is 1/2 of another! then it's placed on a vine wreath to be hung up!

 Judy V. posing with her new hat on, adding to the Bewitched theme!

It was a fantastic show & everyone that came were delighted to be there! Great work ladies of the Miramichi Quilt Guild! See you all in two years time at the next show.


Boris gets a new collar.
I was at the Farmers Market a few weeks back & ordered Boris Loree a new collar for his 8th birthday.

Yes it even has his name on it, it's a leather beauty!

Loree... named after Peter Loree, he & my Boris have such sweet faces. ;-)
Happy Belated Birthday my wee man.


  1. Your Fall quilt show was spectacular. I love that you had different themes and that it included Christmas as well. All beautiful.

    Congratulations on selling your beautiful quilt.

    Lucky Boris to get his own personalized collar. I bet he'll be proud to wear it.
    Happy Birthday Boris Loree.


  2. I agree with Julia your Falloween show was great. Thanks for the pics :)