Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blue Boston Terriers

I made this blue & white Irish chain quilt for a new baby boy, who also has a Boston Terrier as the family pet. It was made larger than the pattern size(which is a FREE download with, it was to measure 45" x 45" & this one measures 52" x 52" a better size to keep the boy warm in his crib this winter. I watch the weather network to see what is going on in northern New Brunswick,  from Ontario --burrrrrrrrr for the winters! I Love the autumn though, beautiful.

Eight tiny blue Boston terriers, 2 on each  border, & binding to finish the quilt. All machine pieced, appliqued, & quilt, for numerous laundering. I hope the baby likes it ; -) Just a little more hand sewing to put the binding on, it's rug hooking tomorrow in Miramichi.


  1. This is adorable. Do you use a regular sewing machine to quilt? JB

  2. Yes Julia,I use a regular sewing machine to quilt. I love my Baby Lock with the built in walking foot the same as the Phaff. I purchased it in Newfoundland at Quilt Canada a few years ago, brought it home as my 2nd piece of luggage. I think I've sewn mileage on it the same as sewing across Canada. Beautiful machine.