Saturday, June 4, 2011

Let Summer Begin!

Bill, Mitch, & I have arrived safely, highway 108 was eventful with the viewing of 2 2 separate times at the side of the road...thank heavens they went into the woods, then a very large deer that ran in front of us so quickly that a look at the deer was all we had. Thank heavens again!! It was a full 16 1/2 hours hauling with Bill & Mitch driving & Boris the Boston Terrier, Diesel the Siberian Husky, Tom & Jerry the domestic cats & I, just along for the ride. We arrived safely to find the basement full of water & the water pump not working either, too tied at midnight, we all went to bed to deal with it in the morning.

 Mitch cutting the grass out back...he cut it back to our woods, the mosquitoes & black flies are in full force to greet & sample, the new southwestern Ontario new comers! This was my 1st introduction to black flies & I now look like I'm recovering from chick many itchy sores! I will not be wearing capri's with sandals anytime soon!
 The 3 rose bushes I planted 2 summers ago, made it through the harsh winter. The weeding was done till I surrendered to the bugs & went inside to unpack some more.
 Bill loved! loved! the mesh coat I purchased for him last he put it 'This mesh thing is worth 100 bucks!' He's painting in the garage, some of my finds & friends cast offs in a lovely summer white for the cottage.
 I just love this clothes line that was installed  the 1st summer & the fresh air that blows through the clothing...this is where my ankles were attacked by black flies.
 Mitch has an afternoon snooze, he gets up at 4am to help on a friends lobster boat, then comes home to the cottage to do cottage fix up's.So much work so little time...Boris just loves his warm body to snuggle into
 Bill in his bug armor, look at how happy he is under his veil of protection! I'm still scratching & using the After Bite & Benedryl.
 The old kitchen floor is taken up exposing the 1960 newsprint that was used under the linoleum. 

Bruce laminate floating flooring is being installed over some of the flooring, there was several types used & now only one floor throughout, kitchen, dining, living, & staircase step.

 Repairs made to the missing parts to level the floor out.
 Mitch riding the lawn mower, you can almost here the grass grow with all this rain it makes it difficult to get a good cut done.
 Finished floor in the kitchen/dining area, just beautiful! Thank you, Bill & Mitch for a job well done.

I'm going to miss them, it's been a fun time together & now their heading home to Ontario with an empty trailer & my summer begins. I've brought out several quilt kits & 3 queen size quilt tops to start...but first the binding needs to be put on all those quilts from my winter projects. Sew much time...

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