Monday, June 6, 2011

Binding Time!

I did it!! I transfer this photo off the camera & into my blog. I'm so happy Bill called & talked me through it...but I did it. Here is the binding that was made & wrapped onto empty fabric boards that Ann & I garbage picked from the Marsh Stores recycle bin. It keeps all the bindings neatly in place till they're sewn onto the quilt they're intended for. I once lost a binding that was made ahead of time & the frustration of the time lost looking for it, makes me love these boards all the more.
Just when I think that the summer home move went smoothly, today I realized that my rotary cutters did not get packed because of the last minute cutting & sewing that was done. Thank heavens for fellow quilters sharing their tools, thank you Jean. Cobble Stone quilt is the largest, so I'm starting that today & I've got a gluten free loaf of bread in the breadmaker for some aroma therapy. It's cool & rainy, feels like I'm in northern England & that's OK...for it's a vacation...if I'm here or there ;-)

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