Sunday, April 3, 2011

Feels like spring!

Boris, the Boston Terrier & Bose, the 13 year old feline, are basking in the sun these days...feels like spring. The tulip bulbs are pushing forward, to the sun, they were starting that last week when they were dumped by the snow.  April showers will bring forth all the dormant underground, as it begins it spring thaw. Then begins the springing forth of more green buds, shoots, & the green lawns will once again appear.
I've been to Epcot in Walt Disney World & the motto there goes... "If you can dream it...then you can do it!"
Spring & Fall are my most favourite times of the year, the life & death of our seasons or the coming & going of our seasons. To me it's the colours that are produced by nature...a different palette for each season.
Right now the bright yellows, pinks, mauves, are so up lifting after this long winter which has is now left from the white snow, all greys, browns, & vehicle exhaust colours.

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