Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dresden Plates-Come to Life

I was given a bag of 'left over quilting scraps' from a friend of a friend.  The quilting goods, were from a woman that had passed away & the cleaning of her room had items that were not of any interest to her family. In a plastic 'Young Canada' bag, I found  ten, folded  Dresden Squares that had a tight zig-zag onto beige poly-cotton & some chocolate brown circles, also a very small photo of inspiration for her pattern & colour choice.
Original design on poly-cotton with a brown circle
The inspiration photo with the brown accent colour...
The finished blocks...after many hours with the seam ripper, I  carefully removed  the zig-zag stitching.  The plates were then ready for there new 17" white Kona cotton blocks. I then hand appliquéd the flower plates  & circles on each of the nine 17" squares. One more square remains & I hope to make a co-ordinating pillow for this quilt, using the left over blue & white fabric, when the quilt is completed.
The backing & binding will be of the same blue as the front, it's now ready for machine quilting. Then it's off to the cottage, a lovely summer quilt in white & blue, making the Dresden flowers shine through.

I'm really pleased with the finished top & I hope she's smiling down on me finishing what she started so many years ago. It does make me think...what will happen to my stash. My husband laughs when I say I have a stash & corrects me to say 'it;s not a stash... it's your inventory!' & yes you have won! I use to tell him 'she who dies with the largest stash wins' With the cost of cotton going up, this inventory makes me smile :)

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