Monday, January 1, 2018

Another Year Behind - With A New Year Ahead!

 The Three Little Kittens, all grown up! lol
The weather here, as in most of Canada, is very cold! The cats love the firebox at night after Bridget & Baxter, the year-old Boston terriers are put to sleep. Those two Boston terriers just terrorize the cats, well maybe just Rexon the Manx.  The cats love the radiant heat of the fire on the dog's bed! lol

 Before the family arrived I made some new pillows for this year. The merry pillow was a free download & the 'R' cross stitch was from my thread working days in the 90's.

 The Buffalo check in red & black was to be the Christmas theme this year. More will be
The word merry is 100% wool from a Scotland scarf I had purchased at the Sally Ann. I have used it in the past on some snowmen.

 I love this winter scene fabric & have fussy cut out the animals as applique. With luck, the stream looks like it flows & is not pieced.

The cross stitch was outlined with black thread & it was ready to be incorporated into the centre of the pillow. It was outlined with some red/black piping was purchased with the Buffalo flannel at Nadine's in Neguac NB. my favourite quilt/sewing store in the area.

 This 22'' x 22'' pillow was constructed with a cotton Buffalo fabric I purchased at Nadine's in the fall. It complimented the redwork I did back in the 90's. The piping was used again to outline the embroidery. The sofa that these pillows sit on are much needed as the depth is too wide.

 The year was embroidered on the bottom when I finished it. Oh my, time just flows by, it was 1990!

 The Boston's Christmas stockings were done ... just in time for Santa Paws arrival!

 This flannel was purchased a few years back for Boris Loree, I finally cut into it & created the new stockings for Baxter & Bridget's 1st Christmas with us. They were born on Dec. 19th, 2016.

Mantel Is Installed!

 The support post from the old kitchen was saved for this install. With a firebox, you have no mantel. That detail was really missed for me since our century home had mantels on all three fireplaces.
It really warmed the outside wall with the warm walnut wood texture too!

 The beams in this Hardwicke house came from a barn circa 1970 install. Bill did a great job, sanding, staining, & satin finishing the beam.

                                                   Now to find the studs to lag into!

 Special drill bits had to be found to do the install, the walls in the great room are for exterior use!

                                       And they were all busy with the figuring it out! lol

The attaching to the wall was ready & the drilling began...

 And the levelling of the mantel.
 Voila! The battery operated candles, on a remote, were then put in place, thank you, Nicholas!

The floor was vacuumed by Mitchell & the look of the mantel was complete! Thank you, Bill, Mitchell, & Nicholas for making my vision a reality!

 Remember the merry Buffalo check pillow? Here I am in my onesie & the boys are wearing their Buffalo PJ bottoms!

                                               Bill joins in with the morning merriment!

                          Nicole's onesie had the Buffalo check hoodie with matching socks!

 Bill made the traditional Pillsbury cinnamon bun Christmas tree. Yum, with morning coffee & tea!

Now Santa Paws had to make a decision about Baxter & Bridget, they were on my naughty list!

Just weeks before Christmas, one of the pups chewed the corner of the custom made stairs!!


                                             The nose of the wooden carved monkey chair!

The braided rawhide chew was not tasty enough?!! I was horrified when I saw this scenario & when I asked the pups who did this, they both ran for their crates! The crates are their safe place till mom cools off & they know it! lol

                                  Santa Paws had filled their stocking with eats & treats!

 I laughed when they both wanted the skunk! Mr Racoon took 2nd place, later that day both the toys were well played with. lol

The Ugly Sweater Christmas - Gifted by the Alberta Family! LOL

 Lucky me! Mine had Mrs Claus on it & I can't wait to get it out early for next Christmas!!
Black leggings & my outfit will be complete! lol

                                                       Bill just loved his Santa sweater!

                                              Santa Bill took to his helper elf, just like a son! lol

And the gift-giving couple, wearing their ugly Christmas sweaters. What I couldn't get over was Mitchell's sweater...I had him wear a turtleneck & a quilted Christmas vest that I had made him when he was a toddler! What a flashback for me seeing him in his sweater! lol
I loved each & every sweater, thank you!

Mitchell was happy to have a Ford rug hooked mat for his truck console. It was a busy handmade Christmas for Mrs Claus!

I purchased the large Mustang sign at the Miramichi's Largest Garage sale last fall.

Nicholas has joined in as he too owns a Mustang now! And the signs were cheaper if you purchased two of them!

Bill was happy to have his console rug hooked mat too! I was happy to tell them that it was Briggs & Little yarn, made right here in New Brunswick!

This all flannel chevron quilt that I made for Nicole & Mitchell will keep them warm in Calgary AB. I thought that the colours will make them think of mom back at the shore. Christel did the longarm quilting & it was all done with pentagram anchors. I was so pleased with the way it turned out & the kids just loved it!

With the leftover fabric, I played with the free Temecula pattern of the 12 Days of Christmas. This is a miniature quilt that can be used like a placemat on the coffee/side table. It's made up of 12 - 3" blocks. Day 1 is one piece, day 2 is made with two pieces of fabric, day 3 with 3 pieces & so on.

Warm Restoration Hardware hats & hand muffs where given to keep Nicole warm, Mitchell had his hat on from the time he opened it, wore it to the shore in the blizzard to make the beach bonfire & had to dry it next to the firebox!

As it was drying... I saw a face take shape within the hat! Just the way the wet spots created shadows or an overload of candy & chocolate creating hallucinations! lol

I have a photo of Mitchell holding Boris Loree with a hat on for his 1st Christmas last 2005. Here are Baxter Loree & Bridget Loree in their hats for their 1st Christmas!

                                             The day ended with the Christmas turkey feast!

                                              A photo before going to the Moncton Airport.

                                     Mitchell playing with my Canon camera...doing selfies!!
I'm going to the fridge in the background & he's still playing with my camera!!! LOL

The sunset Christmas evening, using the new lens covers that Nicholas gifted me with, gorgeous!

Canada Eh Quilt Is Hung Up

The quilt is about 18 ft high on the wall. I chose this wall because it doesn't have direct sunlight on it.

It is viewed from the mezzanine on the 2nd storey, a nice bright area of the house.

This barge was in the Miramichi Bay on New Year's Eve! Quite the sight when you looked out the dining room window!
Each season has its own beauty & now it is a winter wonderland!

This is all of us on the beach having our Christmas Day Bonfire.
Nicholas was experimenting with his drone on this blustery Christmas Day.
This is a photo of his video of us.

I'd like to take this time to wish you & yours the very best health, happiness, & prosperous New Year.

Welcome to 2018!


  1. Wow, you guys are a hoot. You go all the way to celebrate big. Our Christmas dinner that my daughter Jackie and husband Bill and the kids too were supposed to come to my house and cook the Christmas dinner for us because I work 8 hours at the farm. I had to call them to sty home because of the very bad weather. So George and I made a chicken sandwich for Christmas dinner with wine. lol. It was the most quiet Christmas Day ever... and no leftovers...

    Happy New Year and all the Best.
    Hugs, Julia❤️

  2. Except for the Christmas bonfire on the beach - you all look happy and warm! Love the pillows, especially the "Merry" one, and the new mantle and battery operated candles are great! The ugly Christmas sweaters are too funny. Looks like you all had a great holiday.