Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Canadian Table Runner Pattern!

I made the , mystery table runner pattern from the  Quilter's Connection Magazine, winter issue.
So I guess it is not a mystery anyone!! lol It is a contest to see how quilters use colour & quilting techniques, to bring it together. I used KONA red & white, I knew the colours of our flag would not steer me wrong. The binding will be done in the red.
 I had some unsewing to do, with the hst - going in the wrong direction. I knew I had to make it right or I would not be enjoy looking at it.

Here's the mistake photo... can you see it?

                             I knew something was off & really had to study the pattern... yes now I see it!!!

With the problem blocks fixed, now how am I going to quilt it?
This is perfect for the 150th birthday celebration.

Saving Memories of Boris Loree

I found Boris Loree's blanket when I was unpacking this week. There is so much stuff to be unpacked & organized but this was my memory of a very special little dog. I made him this quilt back in 2006 & he used it to stay warm, many a time.

 So much so that I had mended it, appliqued it & just shook my head at how he would shred it, trying to wrap it around him. I would learn that fleece blankets were the durable ones for Boris!

 So like the book, ' Something From Nothing' I would make something from this quilt, that should go into the garbage.
Yo Yo's would do it!

So I started cutting & sewing last night. I'll finish doing as many yo-yo's as I can. Then I will find something to do with them. 

As I worked on his blanket, that had been washed before we moved, I could smell him in it.
Oh how I miss that little dog.

With Baxter & Bridget-Loree arriving in 4 weeks, I've been getting their blankets washed & ready for them. I know my life will change the day they arrive...it will no longer be my own! lol

Sewing... catch-up!

 I made five aprons for the garden sale this June 2017. I had purchased this outdoor fabric for its beauty & durability.
One of those aprons are for me, see the on with the tan plaid pocket? That was on of Bill's old shirts that I cut up! It went so well with the grey floral pattern & I know it is a 'one of a kind'! lol
Thanks for the chat Deb... I got them all done the next day!

Canada Eh! Quilt Continues...

Here's peek at the celebration quilt I'm making before the puppies arrive. The red maple leaves will get done today & then the large leaves, with applique are next. 
Oh my,  this is taking time, & to think Liz got her's done last November! She is one I try to model myself after, such a focused woman!

Thank you for visiting today & next blog I'll have photos of the antics that Rexton has been doing. I really do think she was a dog in her first life! lol

Have a great week, mine is weather warnings of snow, sleet, freezing rain, & rain. Yes it is all the great weather,  to be cozy in that new sewing room of mine!

Save safe & warm.


  1. You do such nice work. It took a while to find those wee mistakes. Lovely aprons and such nice colors.

    I just got back from Bathurst and surrounding areas. Such a nasty time to travel but I'm glad I made it home safely and the storm is over for now.
    Hugs, Julia