Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Week 24 - In Week 25...

I must apologize for my tardiness, time is moving quick & with a flat tire on really slowed me down with & grounded me to the Carroll Cottage. Tire is fixed & I'm on the move again!

It still in Carroll Cottage & Winmar disaster cleaners are in the Hardwicke House for the third & last day. Tomorrow I will be going to do a photo shoot of the completed house!

                             Here's a sneak peak of the lights over the granite island!

Rug Hooking -------


It was a pattern from Primitive Quilts, from last year. I added the bottom piece, with the greeting of NOEL & added the window, with snow & wind, in the background. I'm going to sew a sleeve to the back, to hang it up.

Super Full Moon

This week had a very large eerie looking full moon & my lunatic cats were feeling it!
The lunatic Rexton was crazy this week!

 And Mr. Boots was her main target, for the extra strange energy she had!

 He could do a lot of damage to her but he' so gentle & will just kick her, as she bites him!

 She taunts & taunts him...

 Then bounces & wrestles him. This goes on when I'm upstairs sewing on my machine,  in my bedroom. Mr. Boots' screams make me stop & scold Rexton, for being the 'mean girl'!

 She is so gentle & protective of old Tom Cat & sleeps next to his basket & has a snooze.

She is so sweet when she's sleeping & the cottage stays quite...when she's quite! lol

 Then she awakes & looks for Mr. Boots...
 Mr. Boots is the only cat I know that will just lay down on his back & let her have her way!
Although, I have cleaned cat hair out of his hind paws & then clipped his back & front paws down.
All the cats has their nails cut down, it helps save the furniture!

I brought in what's left of their cat grass but the frosty nights have taken toll on their flower box.
I had to get the prescription for Revolution for the earmite problem & Mr. Boots weighted in at his full 21 pounds! The vet reassured me that he is a large cat & would be a 17-18lb cat, with a few
pounds to spare! With these wrestling matches,  Rexton makes him exercise daily!

My Finds!

 A vintage, VIP panel of Alice In Wonderland was in the linen area of the Sally Ann, in Newcastle.
I have a hand made felt picture that was gifted to me in England, beautifully stitched by the late Judy Garinder, I also has a small tea pot that my granddaughter Madison, gave me for my birthday a few years back. So ... if you have two - it's a pair, however if you have three - it's a collection!

 This is what the finded items should look like. Alice, the Cheshire cat, & rabbit are done now.
I'll show the whole collection, when I find all my other items.

 That $2 bag also had these vintage fabrics in it! I've already made many 3" hourglass squares in the blue/white, to make Alice a quilt with the picture, shown above, of the finished items, used as the center medallion, on this small wee quilt.

So I've started some sewn, Christmas gifts & will so start the four Christmas stockings for the family arriving for their Christmas at the Hardwicke House.

The Christmas Reindeer Prance quilt has gone to Bev of Barnaby, to be beautifully longarm quilted, with snowflakes, by her. The colours in that quilt is the Stonehedge fabric collection, that all the last year, Christmas stocking were made from. More fabric was purchased this summer for the new ones.

The great room will have a wonderful Christmas feel to it in just 2 weeks!

Yes, I'll be going home to Hardwicke next week!
Bill will arrive on Wednesday & the move begins!
All good things come, to those who wait! lol

Thank you for stopping by & I will try my best to keep up with my weekly posts.

This Friday's blog will be the Hardwicke House,  revealing a very clean house! A big thank you to the girls of Winmar!

And I hope the very best for all those that stop in for a visit!
I'm getting excited about Christmas, everyone in this neighbourhood has already started decorating their exteriors!

Oh the most wonderful time of the year!


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