Saturday, August 13, 2016

Midsummer & The Steady Renovation

It's now midsummer & what progress has happened to this point.

The two wells now installed & the roof is on!  The trades are now in working on the vent work for the furnace/air conditioning, the electrical is running through the frame work, defining the rooms outline, the plumber has his work running from floor to floor for the sinks, toilets, tubs, & walk in showers. So the outside is looking much the same as last week.
The floor treatments have now be thought out & I'll see the samples in the rooms intended with the natural light on it. Choosing what you think will make sense & a good flow & transition from one area of the house to the other. And as a woman I was changing my mind on the spot! lol 

  The garage has a cement floor & I'm looking forward to using that garage this winter. :-)

 The stained glass studio window is left open,  for the trades working on the roofing. The sun porch still needs the under supports, to replace the cracked ones holding it up right now...with no metal rebar inside the cement & the exercise window (between the left window & center window. That window is a custom window repeating the slope line of the roof pitch.  It is now arrived & is in the blog I will show its installation.

This has been a bit of stress on me & the histamine levels in me are stressed, now having to deal with my ragweed allergy.  So...yesterday, I took a day at the cottage to have my own sewing retreat!

What fun I had doing these blocks, the four different designs are just placed in a pleasing eye matter, there's 70 total, so I'm going to make it a lap quilt of 7 across & 10 down. This Midsummer Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew called "Square & Strip Bed Quilt" is a free pattern & is made from fat 1/4's. It will finish at 56" x 70". The fabric was a joy to view as I cut & brought the fabric back together. To me creating & sewing is my 60 beats a minute, it relaxes & rejuvenates me.

For over 5 years I've looked at the fat 1/4's soft coloured  fabric collection pieces by The 3 Sisters called Faded Memories & what was I waiting for? The perfect way to showcase their lovely design & this pattern was it!   Bonus, it was free!!! I also had a charm pack from The 3 Sisters, from the Aviary collection & it worked beautifully with it. Sometimes things are just meant to be. :-) It was time, time I needed to do a lot to do about nothing.

Elizabeth thank you for the wonderful Christmas gift of fabric, thank heavens fabric doesn't age like other things do! It's almost immortal. lol

The two sheep, that I recently made have clothing made with the same fabric & I plan on displaying them next to this Midsummer Beauty.
I truly enjoyed the process & even took a break talking to my girlfriend Lynn for over an hour!
Stress levels were lowered on this fun day. From the time I awoke I knew this was going to create a fun day.

This is just a sampling of colour, no two blocks are the same. They finish at 8".

 Here is the Cluck Cluck Sew pattern from the website...Do not re-distribute? I'm sharing & you too can go to her site & download. I just wanted to show you how it is cut,  from several stacked fat quarter. Ignore the white lines going through it, that's my photocopier.

                         How sweet will these two be with this quilt!

Scraps & Playing

 With the few left over charms,  I'll make a wee quilt from them & using the 2 1/2" scrap pieces folded in half to make a snowball design to add some interest to it.

 These 4 charms will be a potholder for my friend Janice. At rug hooking last Thursday, she was knitting dish clothes in the dark rich colour, with variegated cotton yarn. I'll bind it with the back muslin fabric.

The Cement Goose - Lucy...

 I've been crocheting this outfit for Lucy for Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving & have so much to be thankful for with all the kids flying in & moving into the Hardwicke House.
Lucy will be wearing her new outfit for that occasion.
The tail feathers still need work, they're to be outlined with a black pipe cleaner, to give it body, then stitched onto the back. Thank you Miss Vanna - I mean Rexton, for holding the outfit still whilst it was photographed. I could not have managed with you! lol

This is the front of her outfit, I've already sewn the wings/arms on & the gobble is ready to be fitted around her beak.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed your visit & your having a great Midsummer.

Have a great weekend & stay safe. So many people are travelling with the summer door closing fast.
Soon it will be every mothers - Most wonderful time of the year! lol

And for those of you that will be walking in wooded areas, remember - Leaves of three, let them be. Berries of white, run in fright. Oh the things I've been introduced to,  outside of city life.

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