Saturday, May 14, 2016

And I'm Heading Home...

It was a 1580 km trip to get home! And what an adventure it was for Bill, Nicholas, myself & of course,the cats.  A totally uneventful trip, just the kind you want, no events, just driving straight through, province after province. My heart was heavy without Boris, my beloved Boston Terrier at my feet. He had always been there, the first trip east was in 2008 & now he's one of my fondest memory of what was. I'm sure the cats miss him too.

 Rexton & Mr. Boots were so good together. This was the first time they were crated together.

 Bill was pleased that there was no cat howling this trip.

 As you can see the back of the truck was full...the metal crate gave the cats their breathing room.
In behind them is a small litter box as the trip that began at 3am would end at 9pm (8pm ON time) & it would be a none stop haul.
 The trail behaved much better with the modifications made to help with the swaying.

 With the large transport next to us, notice how low our trailer sits?! Bill kept saying 'It's OK'.
And as always he was right!

 The trailer was loaded with his metal racking for our storage of out of season & car stuff.

                                                            The new tires were great too!

 Old Tom had Boris' old crate & was very happy to be on his own this trip. He's going to be 18 yrs!

                                                   Rexton's paw came out, touch me...

                                      She cuddled with Mr. Boots...if he wanted it or not. lol

                                                          How happy does he look?! lol

 Here's the truck & trailer that Bill & I traveled in, with Nicholas following behind in my car.
The trip was one of the best yet & we've several to compare it to.

 The bulbs had started blooming! And the colour contrast was gorgeous! See the bottom of the rainbow in front of the daffodils? It was part of the garden design from last November's planting.

                   The top half of the garden are tulips that are just exciting!
                                                     How happy are yellow daffodils?!

 Here are plants that will be planted soon.

 Hosta plants, peonies, English ivy, peonies, all to be planted this spring.

Nick shows me how easy this gadget is to remove weeds from the black gravel. Wow what a gadget!

First you center the gizmo over the weed, then keeping it upright, you step on the ground level.

 Pushing down on the moveable shaft & pulling back...
 Look at the size of this nasty weed & larger ones were pulled out, with ease. This year, with this Fiskars gadget, there'll  be no more fighting of pulling weeds!

All work & no play?

Nicholas & Bill were having fun with the bows & arrows, when they could, weather permitting. ;-)

 The target was way down the yard & those guys are great shots, my arrows would have been lost in the woods. lol

Organizing...The Year Of Organizing...

 See all the metal racking in place? Well that certainly helped with the organizing! Years of memories & stuff, mostly Christmas stuff. We had a lot of Christmas parties when we had our business.

 The front showroom was decorated with moving Christmas ornaments. As I child I so remember the Simpson's window displays in London ON. And our business was near a public school. :-)

 Nicholas must have been bored loaded so much Christmas that he started doing The Grinch placements around the decorations. I had a great laugh, seeing these way up on the racking! lol

                                                          The Grinch Himself!
               I laughed at the Grinch, next to the stained glass, 'Evil Easter Bunny' boxed in the plastic                          bin, what a pair! lol What fun celebrations, Christmas...four months later, Easter!

Our eldest son's Donald's rocking horse. Hard to believe he's going to be 39 years old next month!

 My white leather back seats that were once in my 2000 Ford Mustang GT convertible. Way back when I started to race that car, modifications had to be done & with the roll cage going in, the seats came out. White leather, wow that was a treat to keep clean!

 The old race T Shirt, from Bill's first race on Route 66 in the USA. That's him in the white Mustang.
Oh the stories he has about that weekend! lol He was the driver, staying sober, his pit crew were the drinkers...ask him about the story of that USA. To take with him, I made a Maple Leaf quilt & stayed home. lol

Summer Toys
          To install the shelves, the summer toys had to come out. This is Bill's 1970 Mach I.

                                         It reminds me of my happy yellow daffodils! lol

 He installed the personalized New Brunswick licence plate. The old Ontario one read CYBILL, it was a combination of CYnthia & BILL. We had said that the first granddaughter named Cybill, would get the car. It never happened & now the licence plate will probably be a birdhouse roof. lol

                              Nick got down to the ground & took these low profile shots for me.
                                                    It is a gorgeous car, from another time.

This is my summer car, a Ford Mustang  1996 Cobra SVT. 
I'm waiting for my personalized NB plates that will read  96 COBRA.
Years ago when we were in business, we had personalized vehicle plates RAM 00, RAM 02, etc, I wanted RAM 07. (RAM - Richardson Access Elevator) Gone are those days & the plates, I held the last registered plate. Many birdhouses to be made! lol

I'm now back at the wee Carroll Cottage in Baie-Sainte-Anne & will stay here as the construction will begin soon on the Hardwicke House. 
My postings this summer will be one of organizing & watching construction as the addition, with the two car garage is built this spring & finished by this Fall. 

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.
Have a great week!

Thought for the week.

"Real friendship, like real poetry, is extremely rare - and as precious as a pearl."
                                                                                                                            ~ Tahar Ben Jelloun

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