Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy New Brunswick Day!

Happy New Brunswick Day to everyone visiting today!
I always thought of it as a Civic Holiday when I was in Ontario but out east in New Brunswick it's been really personalized & called New Brunswick Day!

Happy New Brunswick Day!

Our new flag pole that was installed on Canada Day, now proudly display's the lovely colourful New Brunswick flag. Bill often comments on how much he admires the design of this provincial flag.
This is the flag view from the shore side...

And the view from the backyard side. :-) Beautiful -  New Brunswick...Feels Like Home.

Safe Arrival!

Bill & Nicholas arrived safe & sound & boy the stories they told of their new adventures going the Bathurst route verses the Grand Falls-Plaster Rock route. The latter route has been done 13 times now & as bumpy a route it only has one really big hill...the new route with a fully loaded, very heavy trailer was pushed to its limit going over 'Hill & Dale'. And it took just over an hour longer, the trip was made worse with the long weekend here & trailers in full tow!

 They arrived after the supper hour & Nick had his 'toys' unpacked & was in the backyard
Can you see his target in the yard?

 He has excellent aim...which is good because I don't think he'd find those arrows once they went over the hill into the bay. lol

                        Bill too is into archery & they both do it several times a week after work.

 Middle-son Mitchell does it too & Nick took his 'toys' out west to Alberta to shoot together on their days off. :-) Bill was in China. But at Christmas we'll all be together again & everyone can 'play together'. lol

 We had a heavy rainfall---when I noticed my potting shed door blown open! Nicholas to the rescue, it looks foggy because of the pouring rain!

Sleepy Summer Days

 Old Tom Cat, grabs an afternoon snooze with the sun pouring through the great-room window.

       He's 16 years old now & sleeps more these days but always in a comfortable spot. lol

 Nicholas too was taking a nap. With Tommy on the sofa, that only left the loveseat for him. lol
Notice how dark his eye glasses are from the sun pouring through the window?!

 Bill was interested in the NSCAR news---Boris was interested in that hamburger he was carrying around! You have to rely on the internet for news now as I cancelled Bell satellite TV, so much of nothing on that TV these days!

 Beach Finds...

 Jelly fish were on the shore last night. They likely washed up from so many boats out in the bay. It's Bay du Vin Survival Weekend & 100's of boats & seadoos were on Miramichi Bay, going to Bay du Vin Island.

 This is the 30th Bay du Vin Survival Weekend, some jelly fish don't survive & was on our shore.

                                Grape Jello will never taste the same after seeing this. :-(

Gardening Angel

                        I just loved the way the staining of the Parisian Essence dyes the muslin!
And with using 2 tablespoons of it with one cup of hot water, it was so easy to paint onto the muslin.

I painted her twice to try to even out my staining. FYI -  Your project must remain flat as the stain will drop down to where you the gravity takes it.
Gardening Angel staining was my first project but will not be my last! I was quite pleased with it & how you crafty minded people, will give it a try too!

Again, Happy New Brunswick Day from me in -  Hardwicke, New Brunswick!

Though for the week.

Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and angels know of us.

Thank you for visiting & have a great week!

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  1. HAPPY NEW BRUNSWICK DAY. A beautiful day for celebrating for sure.
    I'm glad your guys arrived home safely with their heavy load. My grandson is in Archery also.

    We had a big downpour here also.

    Your doll turned out great. She looks wonderful and old. I send a blogging friend to visit your blog to see how you made the dye. She used to make dolls.

    Hope that you enjoy your men while they visit.n