Thursday, May 14, 2015

May's Misery, Mystery, & Mother's Day

Misery ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

May is a busy time for me with the transition from the city home to the summer home. I've been busy packing, hauling things upstairs & downstairs & felt fine...until I got into the car & my back started to really hurt as I put my foot onto the gas pedal. By the time I arrived at my girlfriends my back was stiff & sore & I was begging for Tylenol to help me with the pain.
I felt fine all morning, I even vacuumed the main floor...what went wrong? I iced then used the heating pad but by nightfall I was bed bound, unable to move. This went on for three days before I turned the corner & felt better without the pain.
While injured I received a new phone from Bill, he took these photos with my new phone.
 Bed bound for the day, the pets just seem to know when you hurt. The books in my bed are a wonderful surprise story...
   Bill taking a selfie of us with the new phone, I'm so pale, Bill was great looking after me. :)


The postman came & I knew it wasn't for me & Bill said it wasn't for him...Nick! It must be for him.

No it was for me!  :) Mystery solved!  Emily, my Goddaughter/niece had mailed it from Virginia. S-I-L Margaret had written that she found the calendar that she had purchased for me from one of my favourite places, Williamsburg VA. However she had knee surgery & it was placed in the guest room & forgotten...found months later she boxed it, with more wonderful  items & Emily mailed it!
Thank you Margaret & Emily! You're quite the USA team! lol

These are cards with cross stitched pictures on the front...

                                         And the pattern on the back, what a great idea!

                                                                  And a very nice bag!

 Natural cross stitch fabric or applique background & a hardcover Christmas quilt book.

 And another layer...cross stitch pattern & another quilt book with the quilt block  names...

                                                 A very sweet cross stitch called 'Home of a Quilter'...

And at the bottom of the box of layers was the calendar. What a thought gift of items, it was like Christmas opening & viewing all these mystery items! Thank you for making my day! I took my books & went to bed with the heating pad to read them. Great timing at such a sore miserable time.

Before my back went out I had an idea for making something that spoke to me...

It came my my Primitive Quilts book that I receive quarterly.

                             What a wonderful saying & felt through my marriage with Bill. :)

             Then I raided my wool stash from my applique stash & rug hooking stash...

                                    Just need to finish the embroidery then sew the wool on.

 I took over the kitchen & as I entered the room I laughed out loud at the mess I had created with this time of creativity! The wall hanging was being auditioned with wool on the ceramic stove.

                                                             No toast right now! lol

                                              Yes creative minds are seldom tidy. lol

                                            I saved all the wee bits to make these circles...

 To make another small wool mat, like this one that I made & hand sewn in layers.
 This fabric is called cobble stone & is hard to get a hold of now. I purchased it several years ago & enjoy sewing on it even more with embroidery, using the washable Sulky. So easy to use with the photocopier & it comes with a sticky back. Once stitched, you just wash it away. Voila, leaving your stitches perfect!

 I machine quilted it doing the echo stitch & cross hatched the center, using clear nylon thread.

Natures Beauty~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Mother's Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 A DQ cake, yum!
 Madison is growing into a beautiful happy young lady! She's now my height too!
I was telling the eldest son Donald about how his dad took a picture of me as a selfie. He told me that it makes you look younger & thinner...bring it on! 
He's such a handsome guy, I know where  Madison gets her looks!

Donny's always been tall, he was 2" short of 2 feet at birth! And he was an induced labour birth of two weeks early. I had no more room for his growth.

Black & White~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                  Rexton is on the kitchen floor whenever I'm in the kitchen...

 Her green eyes really standout however I still step on her & she seems to not mind as she stays in the kitchen with me.
                                                I think she likes the coolness of the tiles.

 And then there's Boris, he too blends into the floor & needs to be close to me too.

 Rexton just pushes my feet away with hers. lol I've tripped & stepped on her daily & she still is 'The cat that came back!' Boris has the smarts to stay between my legs to avoid my feet stepping on him.

Thank you for stopping by & sorry for the delay. I'm feeling so much better & pain has left the body!

Have a wonderful long weekend. I'll have my camera out for this weekend, it's going to be great!
Stay safe & watch out for the biker's in your blind spots! The weather is warm & they've waited all winter for these days. Stay alert & enjoy the good weather!


  1. Oh my, you remind me of myself, with the bad back. You always do so much.
    I'm glad that you have made the annual move and I hope that rexton will adapt well at the cottage. I hope that you have a lovely time back in the Maritimes.

    Your Marriage quilt is going to look fantastic.

    Happy Victoria ay long weekend.

    1. Dear Cynthia, I was dead tired when I read you blog last evening. I could hardly keep my eyes open. So sorry that my comment was so abrupt. I did read it all and by the end I could only remember your sore back and the Marriage quilt so I read it once again this evening.
      My day has been so busy and I'm just sitting down now.

      You are Sew busy all the time.Your niece is special to send you all these gifts. It will keep you busy for a while...I hope that you take it easy for a few days. Welcome back to the New Brunswick.

      Love the selfie of you and Bill.

  2. A bad back! Bad timing eh.... must be going around as I had/still have a sore back, and several colleagues @ work have sore backs. I figure it's all the extra work we're doing after a long hard winter!
    Take care and have a great summer in NB. See you in January ...