Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Begins...

For a one week post, this is going to be a long post... 
Go get a drink & settle in for some reading & viewing.

This week has been a very busy one as I sew or hook many of my Christmas gifts & believe you year I'm going to start earlier!
I spend time sewing...these two spend time snoring!
 They've really become good friends & Boris is so good with his sharing of his basket.
And Rexton knows it's out of the question to be near him whilst he's around his food! lol
Good olde Tommy wants nothing to do with either one of those black/white furry kids!
But as he sleeps, Rexton will curl up to him, making sure not to disturb him. She's just social & I'm enjoying having her.

I've gotten the wall hanging of Santa's Trip Around the World by Karen Neary done! Well almost done, I've got some ideas for embellishments on the reindeer & the corners of the world.
Here's the quilt together...  

 Rexton just wants to snuggle on it.

 Good girl! Sit - stay!
 Voila, here's the appliqued sleigh & nine reindeer...I added Rudolph! His noise will be embellished later when I work on their saddles & reins.
 The backing fabric that I'd picked up in Florida, on a quilting outing with my girlfriend Liz, worked out beautifully. I'll be seeing Liz again next month. hummm lol When it's photographed you can really see the 'rail fence' effect with the black that says Merry Christmas,  I never noticed that before!
Thanks for taking our picture Bill, you can now see how big this wall hanging is. I plan on using it on the table next year or as a tree skirt. Oh the possibilities with a quilted piece!

 I made this French Braid dresser runner for my girlfriend Paulette. A few years ago I gave her a queen size quilt & I found the scraps from that quilt & made her a coordinating piece. Paulette makes me very happy to know she sleeps under that quilt, it's being used & has a function in her & her husband's life. To keep them warm & cozy! All quilts are made with love & given with love.

 Sew many sewing machine aprons...
I made a lot of these this winter. Elizabeth gave me one as a gift & I cannot be without now. So I made a pattern & shared it with many women this year. The flat piece on the top is where your sewing machine sits & the three pockets are hanging infront of you. Mine holds the small scissors, seam ripper, emery board, small ruler, lint brush for cleaning the bobbin case, the list is different for each sewer...but you get the idea. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing this with me!

                                            My Asian loving girlfriend Deb's sewing apron.

 Mystery gift for the Sew What's Potluck Christmas Dinner &  I filled the pockets with sewing items!
                                                                Beverly got one...
 And Lynn got one, cousin Ann got one earlier but I forgot to take a picture of her. She's enjoying it though as she too finds it keeps her organized!

Thursday morning's chaos! It was our gift exchange morning...

 The table was full...but where is everyone?
 I heard laughter coming from the computer area...

 There's Gary, Bev's husband, showing us a video from Germany on a flash get together on the tills, singing out Jingle Bells! to funny, watch it if it comes your way. Those employees really know how to but smiles one peoples faces!

                                      Deb's been working on her embroidery daily & it shows.
 She's like a duck in water with any craft items! She'd never embroidered before & now loves it.

Deb hand painted these ice skates for Lynn. Deb does well with a paint brush too!

 Lynn's happy with her plaid woven fabrics! It's so her, she loves primitive style.
 And knowing that,  I picked up a handmade snowman for her at the Napan Fair last summer for her birthday. We also celebrated Lynn's birthday that day too!
                                                     She really liked her wee snowman!

 Lynn surprised me with this darling little nine patch on point, with center clovers quilted into it! How sweet is this! & a very wee paper pieced lighthouse pattern...more of that to come later. lol

Deb is into being organized & Bev though that this would really help, it's a label maker. I just chuckled because years ago my girlfriend Paulette told me the very same thing. And yes it does help to know what's in those clear plastic bins! Good luck Deb! I'll be following your progress! lol

 Lynn made Bev this lovely on point small quilt, Bev loves miniatures too!
                                           And Bev made Lynn this nine patch on point!
 Now my turn at opening my Christmas present from's a rabbit! I love rabbits & this one is in the styling of my Easter napkin rings too!

 A pin cushion she made, with walnut shell filling & a Bird Brain pattern of ...yes rabbits!!

 And an egg coddle, I've inherent some, very English, very nice!

 A music box that plays Doctor Dolittle's If I Could Talk To The Animals! How sweet is this?!!!

 She's happy...that I'm happy to be so delighted with rabbits!!

 But wait!!! There's more! More rabbit themed china, this one is a candy dish. Wow I'm so pampered. I call myself pampered...not spoiled because spoil means to go bad. Yes I'm very pampered. lol
Thank you Christine offering to take my pictures, I'm so use to being behind the camera. Glad you stopped in to see Bev!!

                                             Lynn made Deb a doggie pin cushion, so sweet!

                                                                  How precious is he?!

 Deb made Lynn a small runner! Can you see how we use our talents & share them among  us?!

 Bev's delighted with her sewing machine apron. Lynn really likes the colours in it. It was from fabric  jelly rolls, that I'd picked up on an adventure with Coral in Alberta last May.

 Now to open my present from Deb...

 This is a very talented woman...
 Beach scenes...
 These complete the triptych that she started for my birthday!

 Oh I must've been a good girl this year! Thank you Deb!

                             But wait there's more, a candle from Bath & Body & chocolates!

                                                               Thank you Deb!
                                             She's so happy that I'm happy...who wouldn't be?!!!

                                                                       Now Deb's turn...
                                              She like it! She's the Asian themed person!

                                                            And some Asian patterns too!

                                                 Oh the chatter & laughter of happy women!
 Glad you stopped by too Christine, your visit was brief but enjoyable & you did an excellent job on the photography too!

 Deb loved her hooked chickadees! My finger tips were raw from all the hand sewing but seeing the joy on everyone's faces made it a pleasure to share.

                                         Lynn to was delighted, she too is a fellow hooker!
 Deb hand stitched this wee runner that Bev's wearing lol & she's holding a cross stitch pattern. Bev is the wizard with a needle & thread!
 Lynn shows the talents of Bev's husband Gary. Every year he makes hand turned wooden bulbs.
 Deb is amazed at this man's talents, as are we. He never stops amazing us with his work.

 Christine takes one last photo before leaving. Thank you Christine! I'm really short, well I'm 5'2", I think the others are just tall! Good looking happy bunch though! XO

                                                               Merry Christmas 2014!

 Presents put away & conversation & stitching back out.

Then that same night...

 Another Christmas party at June's with the annual Sew What's Christmas Potluck Dinner.

                                             Everyone did the 'Eat, Drink, & Be Merry'!

                                         I should be standing up with these ladies,  Cynthia & cousin Ann are just my height!

 Cynthia made Pat a birthday cake for this special birthday of hers, very sweet gesture Cynthia!

                                                            Make that wish Pat...
                                                              Make it count...
                                                   This birthday only comes                        
                                                                 Come on...
                                                       Yes, she has now made her wish!

                                                      Now let us eat cake!
                                                          Fun time...
                                                              Had by all!
                                                              Deb & Bev waiting for there cake. lol
 Rose & Susan too, Susan wants some of that chocolate sprinkle icing cake too!

                                                    Then Santa arrived with our presents!

 John was dressed in a Santa suit that June, his girlfriend had made about 40 years ago, he was stunning in that detailed suit!
 These two are such a sweet couple together. John was our 'butler' for the evening & made sure our drinks were always full & looked after the details of the kitchen! When asked if he'd like to eat with us, he replied ' No thank you, I'm eating with the kitchen staff in the kitchen'. lol

             Once Santa had us seated in the livingroom, he went around with the presents.

 Everyone patiently waited for their turn to pick out a mystery, sewing related themed present.

                                                      All the time you could here...
                                                                     "Thank you Santa".

                                              June, our hostess & Bev, having a chuckle.

 Lynn, Deb, & Mibsie, having a look at Deb's magazine...the sewing apron pattern was in this months McCall's Quilting magazine!

                              The room was a buzz with everyone looking at each others gifts.

Mibsie with her Santa hat & Rose in a festive mood, add to the excitement of the evening.
It was a fun time had by all!
And to all a good night!

Friday was a special day for me because Bill was arriving home from China, Nick would pick him up at the airport & head home to me.
They arrived in good time so we went out to Canadian Tire for some last minute items, & A&W for supper. Upon arriving home we went through the front of the house & as we went down the hall to the kitchen, you could smell something burning...
OMG the tissue paper on the ceramic stove was ontop of a element that had been turned on recently. Very recently, REXTON was up on the counter & walked over the touch controls on the stove, upon hearing us enter the front door & knowing that is a no no, jumped off & ran upstairs. 
Had we had been minutes later... the house would've burned down!
The lock button is now on the stove when not in use.
That kitten is so much like having a toddler around.
 I really have a Guardian Angel that watches over me & mine. 

 The scorched tissue! Mitchell was on the phone just after we arrived home & talked to us during this scary time. He is now a volunteer firefighter in Alberta & told us how lucky we really were. Oh My God, thank you.

 The tissue was just sitting on the top of the stove, I've a habit of using the stove as counter top space.
The touch lock has never been used but will be used whenever the stovetop is not in use from now on!

That was one bad thing....
When we went out to go to the show the next day...
Both Nick's car & my car had been broken into, I lost a 5 year old Garmin, Nick lost some computer stuff & other things. Luckly none of his tools were taken, he got off quite luck.
Our neighbourhood has a gang that goes around to unlocked cars & takes from them. Both Nick & I thought we'd locked the cars...thought wrong.
Our Crime Stopper friend said, they don't want heavy items to run with, lucky for Nick his tools are heavy. Hindsight will be with us daily on this ordeal!

Onto happier times after that!

 We spent Christmas with Nick today as we fly out to Elnora, Alberta for Christmas this year.

 Christmas morning for Nicholas, was today. :)

 He was content to have time to himself & didn't want to go to Alberta again.

 Rexton wanted to know just want the hype was with these boxes.

                                  He's all grown up now...he's happy when he get a gift of clothes!! lol
                                      Looks like he's trying to make the paper levitate!
                                             He was happy when it was finished.

Now Rexton's turn...
                                Bill went out & purchased a scratching post for Rexton.

                                                     It has built in toys on it too!
                                             She never left it once it was in the house.

                                                 The rope wrapped pole is a bonus too!
                                                         Quite the action shot!

                                                The carpeted area has two perches!

She did get to the top perch & stayed there for a sleep. It is said that the Manx like to be in areas that are high. She did enjoy her sleep up there! I hope this keeps her off the kitchen counters & stops her from scratching the furniture. I cut her front nails weekly with the clippers but she still feels the erg to scratch. Scratch on little one with this new gizmo that Santa brought you today!

So this week has had its share of highs & lows.
Tomorrow we're on flight to Alberta & I've packed the camera & lens to get some get shots. Mitchell asked if I'd like to go to Canmore on Tuesday, that should be a good place for some beautiful Canadian shots. Oh this country has so much to offer us, it's beautiful from coast to coast!

Till then I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & health & happiness always!
Thank you for stopping by & there's still no snow's coming just like Christmas!! lol

Merry Christmas & the Very Best in the New Year 2015!!

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