Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cottage Hook-In with Miramichi Rug 'Hookers'.

The day was a rainy drizzly one noticed. What they did notice was how quick Christel drove to get here! lol She & the vehicle of rug hookers following her, made it here in near record time. (I think I hold the record. lol) Then more & more poured into the drive.

There were 17 of us total & what fun we all had that wet afternoon filled with the laughter of friends.
Here's a few photos of the day.

 These ladies sat in the comfort of the great-room...
 Hi Janice!

 With the garden doors opened to the sun-porch, the traffic flow was uninterrupted...

I just love the variety in a potluck lunch! Yum!!

It sure was fun having all the rug hookers at the cottage again!

 As they would move to the kitchen to get more tea or goodies!

 Karen & Mary Beth. A big thank you to Mary Beth for allowing me to take advantage of her height to tie the balloons to the Hardwicke Road street sign! I'm vertically challenged & to show the laneway, I did the job of tying the balloons to the garbage bin! Everyone made it here!

 Myself with Christel, the 'other leadfoot' driver! She was glad to see the inside of the cottage. You see it was Christel that took the aerial view of the cottage earlier this year from her plane!

 Boris made his rounds when the food came out. Elizabeth always gets a chuckle out of his food driven talents.
                                                  How could you say NO to this Peter Loree face?!  lol

I wish I had the video camera going on these two! Carmel having tea, talking to Boris...
 OK she says,'come on up!'. Be careful what you wish for....

 Carmel is a wee woman & just started laughing as Boris gave affection to her...

 And laughing...
 These two...
 Notice that Carmel never did spill a drop of her tea!
 The two finally settle down & were bounded for that afternoon.

 Shelia & Lima just loved the quietness of the cottage area.

 Tonnie had a soft spot for Boris too!
 But when anyond gave the wee kitten attention, Boris would make her leave! So jealous was he.
 These are my fairies in the kitchen getting rid of all the dirty dishes! Thank you Karen & Christel!
 Donna is admiring Elizabeth's newest linen patterns that she had just picked up at the post office before coming over. Beautiful bidding on Ebay Elizabeth! Congratulations & welcome to your first year of rug hooking...she's hooked!

 Ladies lounged in the sun-porch, as the rain came down & the fog thickened.

 Boris keeping an eye on Rexton, she mustn't get too much attention. lol

 Tommy craved to be pet & made his way to the great-room & found Shelia for that pleasure.

 Ladies & Laughter...what fun!

 Eleanor & Marva work on knotting. I noticed several of the women using yarn for knitting now rather than hooking it into a rug. So versatile having yarn!

 Fran had packed up her hooking but undid it to show me how much she had gotten done.
 She transfer a paper drawing onto burlap, that her grandson made for her, how sweet is this!

 Tonnie continues her background on this beauty!

 After the potluck food was eaten & put away, the table was used as a cutting table. Christel is not quite hooked yet...soon!
Donna came later in the afternoon as she is our postal delivery person for the area.
She had come over the day before, bewildered that no one was here & was she too late.
Too late!!! The woman was a day to early! LOL
I had just made me a pot of perked coffee & she joined in. It was special as it was her first time to the cottage & it was my first time using my new peculator.

 You see, that was the only coffee I knew in the 1960's, my dad & I was feeling really nostalgic when I saw the peculator in Pro Nature. My dad had taught me how to make it & the smell would fill our small kitchen as it would 'perk' away. Just not the same with today's Kerig's! lol
 Bill purchased it for me & it wasn't till Donna's surprise visit that I used it. She & I both enjoyed this different flavour, even if it was ground decaf.
Elizabeth noticed it right away & asked why I had a camo coffee maker in my 'blue & white' kitchen. I explained the story of being in the Pro Nature with the guys & seeing it.
I guess it does stand out among the china! lol
Great coffee!

The day after the Miramichi Rug Hookers left, it was so quite in the cottage. Well maybe not so quite with Boris Loree & his snoring!

 He slept the day away!

 Tommy found a quilt top to snore upon...

And wee Rexton needed the pillows to keep her upright, as she slept the day away too!

I wanted to sleep the day away but got up & went to exercise at the Golden Age Club. Felt more energetic afterwards too!

Thank you for stopping by & do stop by again. The leaves are leaving the trees & that's my que to start getting ready to pack up & leave this gorgeous place.

Have a great weekend everyone!
We're not shoveling yet!! lol


  1. You sure had a great time hosting this hook-in. They will be sorry seeing you go away again until spring. You cottage is more like a home. I would have a hard time leaving the place. You worked so hard getting it so well put together. What a great job you've all done. It does look so relaxing there.

    I really enjoyed visiting and I can imagine all the laughter and chit chats. I'm sure Boris will miss his new found friend.

    Have a great weekend. Hugs,

  2. Oh my gosh, Cynthia, I had no idea I gave you courage to drive the big tractor. I'm glad you found that freedom while the guys are away.

    The old stove has served us well but I was always so scared of fire since we got two chimney fire not in the same chimney over the years.

    Both chimney needs steel liners and the old stove needs new fire bricks and my husband wants to fix it and use it downstairs to keep the floors warm. It doesn't need a big fire as it heats up very fast in the basement. The main floor is an open plan and there is also the upstair to heat.

    We'll have to check with the insurance before we proceed with installing the old stove in the basement. We use to have a bigger Fisher stove in the basement but it would get too hot for my ceramic shop so we installed electric heat.

    I can't use my basement for much since it's been flooding more often in the past years. I've used that basement since 1977 and it was always dry until we got the big flood.

    There has been a shooting in Ottawa on Parliament Hill at the War Monument and one of the shooter is dead and they are looking for a second shooter who is still at large. My daughter was thankfully working from home as usually does on Wednesdays. She works on the opposite side of the parliament across the river and my brother works as an RCMP on Parliament Hill usually protecting the embassies. He's is still OK.

    Take care,

  3. So sad I missed the hook-in.. I will be the first one there next year... I won't get to hooking for awhile as they are putting me on I V four days a week, having wed, Sat & Sun free.. so will have to drop in to seamans for quilting

    Have a safe journey home & look forward to next spring...