Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bill Comes for A Visit :-)

This is a long post, so have a cup of tea & enjoy your visit with me.

  Bill came for a 3 day visit or as Aunt Alice would say ' A Fish Visit'. It's called that because you don't keep fish any longer than 3 days because it gets stinky! lol  The visit went all too fast. 
My birthday card from him was themed on a Soul Mate & that...Bill truly is to me.

 Bill hung the autumn flag, it's a wheelbarrow with a harvest in the wheelbarrow.

 We went for an evening stroll on the beach. Boris looks so small walking in the sand but he's in glory doing so.
 Can you see him?
 Look at his smile!
 I love bare footing in the sand!

 Happy Boris & I...
 A more serious look for the camera.
 With the sun setting it is time to head back to the cottage.

 The cottage is a long way from the shore & I like it that way.

 It is a lot of lawn to cut but with the new mower it's much faster. Yes Julia you were right about liking to mow, it looks & smells so good when the job is done!

The two windows on the left are my new studio windows & what great light comes in now!
The cottage is now done, with the exception of three new basement windows to be installed this month.


Bill & I went to Loiser Settlement to visit George & Ursula & on our way we stopped at Judy's. Ursula & I were to visit her last summer & time just flew by & it never happened. Judy's place was on the way & she said to stop by on our way. Everyone talks about her place & I'll tell you it was everything said...and more!! I'm going to give you a tour of Judy's gorgeous place. Here we go... 

The garage upon entering the lane way is absolutely charming,covered in ivy...remember my studio?
The front of the house had it too!!
There's a small woods on the side that has a stone path...

And is decorated with sculptural beach stones throughout the woods & shoreline.

It was the hydrangeas that interested me & any knowledge she could give me on her gardening.
Look at those beach stones!!! She has such a whimsical way of decorating the property.
The back-half of her house was so deceiving from the front, it's huge!
Then there was a gazebo, Judy said that's were she does most of her quilting handwork.
A natural spring that's made into a pond. There was even fish at one time but were eaten by the large birds & racoons.
How charming was the vine trellis. It's cement under the Boston ivy & was installed 14 yrs ago for her sons backyard wedding! How romantic was that?
Judy sees me taking pictures & comes down from her deck.

Oh look at these gardens! She's been planting for 15 years now creating this eye pleasing paradise.
She takes me inside her gazebo...
Judy is such a pleasant, wonderful creative woman!!
This chandelier hangs from the center of the gazebo!!
And the detailing in every nook & cranny delights your senses of awe!

It looks like something seen in a magazine that has come to life!

She & her husband built this lovely house 15 years ago...

Yes it's on the large river of the Miramichi!

Love, love the hydrangeas!

She has many varieties of them too!

Over looking her yard from the top deck.

See the covered cement arch? She's very fond of the memories of that wedding day.

And Judy does stained glass too!!

She's so talented & so familiar to me too! I've only met her but our interests & talents are so similar.

Loved this vignette with the mix of the modern cordless phone! lol

Another stained glass project, her home is truly a labour of love.

This is a quilt that she made...she expressed herself as "A Jack of all trades & a master at none." I don't believe that!!
This is on her front door, a living flower-box.

Her front side yard had delights to see too!

Yes hydrangeas were plentiful & Annabelle's were to be my best bet she told me. So this fall I will start my garden with a few of those.

The front woods had sculpture to view too.
Thank you Judy for the tour & your hospitality. I hope to spend an afternoon stitching in your gazebo before I leave for Ontario. It was an enchanted time in her garden, so beautiful, so peaceful.


Later that afternoon Bill & I got lost trying to find Ursula & Georges place. I'd been there twice & Bill once, thought I knew where to go... I called Elizabeth to have her look up on the membership list of the Miramichi Quilting Guild, she was at work & couldn't help me at that point. So I called Jean & got her answering machine...grrrrr
Then we stopped in at an art place & I asked for directions while Bill used his Blackberry to hack into my Skye account & called Ursula...we pasted there place & were so close. We all had a great lunch at Captain George's & they made sure we left with food from their garden!

We ate the corn & beans for supper that night. Thank you Ursula & George for sharing your bounty of garden goodness. :-)
I eat so healthy when I live in the east!

On our way home we stopped roadside, to purchase some handmade birdhouses in Tabusintac.
How rustic will these be in the woods?!


A Rexton Report...

Yes this wee girl is a busy one! lol I still don't know how I caught this action, but I think it looks pretty neat! lol

She has warmed up to being with Tommy. Tommy's asleep so it's OK to be his buddy, just don't wake him.
Boris plays chase with Rexton & those two sleep together every night.

Rexton has warmed up to Bose too. This really was a rare moment.

Bose left...Rexton is alone again.

She fears nothing, I was trying to get a load of laundry in & noticed her inside the machine! Is she sticking her tongue out at me?!
She is so sweet.

How does Google know it's my birthday?

This really shocked me!


Sewing Update

I've finished this panel from my Vintage Tin, I'm about 1/2 way done now. Have you started yours Coral?
I'm pleased with the stitching, it's taking longer than I thought to get it done.

Bill & I were at Newcastle's Market & I purchased some apples to freeze. Mitchell will be coming & wants apple crisp daily, that way it's easy & done for the baking.

Bose has turned 16 & has slowed down....

She is always turning sideways when I try to take her picture, it must be her 'good side'. She still wears the bracelet that I made with the granddaughters last summer. Mine was done in the Mustang colours of red,white, & blue.

She sits with me a lot more these days & purrs to me when I touch her.
She's seen & been through a lot in her life time.

Bose you never stop surprising me with your attitude & unconditional love you have for me.

Fall Asters from the lane-way. It is the flower for the month of September.
My birthday flowers!
Rexton wants to smell them too!
Or maybe just touch them...
She really is a handful & can jump higher than any cat I've ever had!


Today Elizabeth & I went rug hooking & thrift store shopping. I found a few treasures as did she. But this wooden, hinged handkerchief box was my find today...

The top is quite worn but the inside...
is perfect!
The hinges are in fine working order too & I've vintage hankies to place inside!

Tomorrow I'm off to Lizzy's for a crochet lesson on making beaded Christmas stars. There's always so much to do in this village & my days just fly by. I love it here & enjoy my time so much.

Thought for today:

Face the sunshine and you won't see the shadows.

Thanks for stopping by and ya'll come back now ya hear!
Loved The Beverly Hillbillies! lol


  1. You sure packed a lot in three days. Happy Birthday Cynthia. How nice of Bill coming home for your birthday. I just love your friend's place it looks amazing and her gazebo is so large. What a beautiful yard and house she has. I'm sure she must be working at it constantly.

    I too love those round rocks but I only have a few small one. I like how she decorate with them. It's so natural.
    Pinterest is a great place to see all kind of decorations but I very seldom have time to go there. I barely have enough time to read posts.

    Have a great week Cynthia. You have a great menagerie to keep you company. That Rexton sure think she special, doesn't she. She fits right in the family.

  2. Happy Belated birthday! Boy, your friend Ursula is one lucky lady - what a gorgeous home and garden. Thanks for the tour !