Saturday, August 9, 2014

Heard The Staccato...

When I was a little girl, I remember my grandpa from Liverpool England, telling me that when you heard the staccato bug sing or as I knew them 'treetoads', sing for the first time on a summer day, that would mean in about 6 weeks we'd get out 1st frost. I hear one last week & they've been singing every time the day is hot & sunny. It is the sound of hot summer days but sadly they're going to come to an end. So with that knowledge I'm savoring the rest of summer!

 And I'm enjoying Rexton the new kitten! She's so lively & how soon I forget what energy kittens have, well it has been 15 years since I've had a kitten! lol

 I'm also enjoying the new cupboard that Bill & Nick picked up for me in Moncton on a truckload sale at Home Depot. The other cupboard was much smaller & didn't have any drawers. It's now in my sewing studio as a cutting table & storage! Excellent height for cutting too!

 The silverware is now located in a top drawer.
 And so are my cooking utensils! OK ice cream scoops aren't for cooking, they're for summer treats of ice cream. I'm savoring summer with ice cream! lol
 And a garbage with a recycle bin too! Thank you  I just love a working kitchen!

 The cast iron horse head's ring, now holds my tea towels...
 And the original tea towel holder was located to the pantry door.

 Rexton is growing daily & still sleeps a lot during the day...

 She moves around to find a comfortable position...
 And loves to 'stretch out' in her space.
 She's really just recharging those kitten batteries!! lol
Boris hides under his blanket whilst she sleeps...
With shut eyes & snoring, he too is exhausted from her daily activities. He's use to the other two, 15 & 16 yrs old cats, that sleep all day! Just like him. :-)
                                                             Sweet dreams Boris.

Last night was so funny...
I was working on this vintage hooked rug that my girlfriend Cynthia gave me for the cottage.
 I'm trying to restore the edges, this is the under belly of the rug. Notice how bright the colours are?!
 So with the removal of all the worn out burlap & floating stitches...
 I noticed that the brown & creme were old silk stockings. What a treasure this is!
 The pile grew as time went on. I'm going to machine sew a binding on it as it's too hard to hand sew, the burlap is so weak. I'll post the new edging...fingers crossed that my idea works.

 I had Boris beside me sound asleep as I worked away at this vintage rug. He had curled up under my greatroom curtains that were on the back of the couch. They're down right now as the sills & trim are installed around the windows, then the painting of the trim & the reinstall of the curtains in the to follow on the next post, the house is upside down right now with chaos & construction.

Rexton got up on the couch too and  fell asleep between myself  & Boris, Boris didn't know or didn't mind Rexton's closeness. Then Boris stretched & pushed into Rexton, she embraced the moment & hugged his leg!! Boris still oblivious to her & they slept away whilst I worked away at the rug, among my chaos & construction.

It's hard to see because both pets are black & so is the couch!

It was one of those Kodak moments! lol Lucky me the camera was on the coffee table.

Rexton will sit at the door looking... at what?
Boris wants to say something...but stays silently looking at me.

 She's watching the humming birds! This one is so small, Rexton has great eye sight!

 I've two nectar feeders & the humming birds just love them!

Then it's back into the sun porch for another snooze!

 She looks like she has lace going up her leg with her wavy white fur.
 And her stripes on her belly & legs,  are really starting to come out too!
She can stretch & jump like no other kitten I've ever had and I've had many!

 Oops! She looks like her kitten batteries are charged again! lol

Now to choose a roof colour! Who knew that there were so many roof colours to choose from!

But that's another post! Thanks for visiting, I do hope your a cat person! LOL


  1. Yes, I'm a cat person, have my own fur baby
    As I will be away for a week or so, I just cooked her some smelts... had to take the back bone out as she doesn't like this lol...spoiled
    Rexton & Boris seem to be buddies, that is great.....
    take care & see you soon

  2. So glad you are able to figure out how to repair that old rug! Looks like it found a proper home. Enjoy the process .... see you soon :)

  3. Cynthia, your new counter is beautiful and I like all the storage space it has. Lucky you... it makes life so much easiest to have everything in it's proper place.
    You are so patient to attempt to repair this beautiful vintage rug but jute burlap isn't lasting and deteriorate rather rapidly. I hope that the rest isn't to fragile to work on. Good luck with this.

    I've had cats and dogs for years but now I only care for our barn cats and no longer have pets as they have a long life and it's too hard to let them go when they get old and need extra care as it breaks my heart. I don't mind seeing lots of cats pictures.
    I have a barn cat that I named Tiger and he getting so attached to me and every day he wants to be scratched and petted when I sweep the hay off the barn floor and her purr so loudly.

    Have a great week. I always love to see what you're up to. I wish I still had as much energy as you. I once did but I find that I'm slowing down.