Thursday, May 15, 2014

Annie, Vest, & Vintage Tin

The Annie jr. play was last night & it was great!! Everything about the play, came together so well, students, teachers, parents, & volunteers made it all happen. The students gave up their recess time & before & after school time, to learn their lines, paint props, & learn songs... it really paid off!

 Here's Annie in her orphanage nightie scene.

 Her finding Sandy the dog, run away orphan scene...

 Yes, Sandy (AKA Swampy) was a real dog & played his role perfectly too!

 Annie sung beautifully!
 My Annie dress was great under the stage lights.

 Grace & Annie share a moments as Mr. Warbucks starts to warm up to the orphan.
 Oliver Warbucks, Annie, & Grace Farrell.
 Annie in her Christmas dress.
 The set design was very clever!
 How sweet is this orphan?! It truly was a great 90 minute non stop play.  Bravo Ealing Public School!!


An 'Annie red' vest has been hand knitted for me!

 Deb, my talented friend has finished my knitted vest. It is going to be very handy to keep the wind off my back. The NE winds are quite cool & can feel like they're going through you. Thanks Deb. :-)

When I was in Alberta & touring the mill, with another girlfriend Deb,  I purchased these handmade wooden buttons for the vest. They're going to be perfect & I enjoy artisans crafted work, this vest is a beauty!

 On the light side, Deb knits sock monkey's, this is a baby sock monkey...

 He loves me 'this much'! He's now mine & will go to the cottage to be with the rest of my monkey collection.
 A Cutie Pattudie!


 Vintage Tin Update
This is the Vintage Tin pattern, it will finish 63'' x 69''.

 One of the three center blocks, it was the hardest with so many small windows!

One of the six small side blocks.

 And another...
 And the third, now there's three more to do! This was the hardest of the small blocks.

 This is the top of the quilt, I'm enjoying doing it.
 I work from the center out, so as you can see I still have work to do on this. It has been quite the stitching project but I can't wait to get it done...hopefully by the end of this year.

I made this table topper a few years back to show cousin Ann, that fabric doesn't have to 'match', I was trying to show her  lights & darks, that's how a design will sing the loudest. This was done with 1.5''scrap strips, it's the design of the log cabin blocks, in 'lights & darks'. Simple & Stunning!

 Boris was snoozing today on a quilt...
 I just love how he curls his paws under him to stay warm. Sooooo cute.

Well it will be yard work this weekend, so much of the landscaping was lost due to the freeze & thaw , then more freezing & thawing. It will change the look around here. I'll post before & after pictures of this weekend job.

Thanks for stopping by & enjoy your long weekend...wherever you are. :-)

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  1. I'm glad that the Annie play went so well. Annie looks so nice with her red dress and her little dog is adorable.

    You have your work cut out for you with this Tin Vintage pattern. it's going to look great.

    Hopefully your red vest will keep you warm. I love the wooden buttons. so original. You really pay attention to details.

    I wish you a great fun filled long weekend.