Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Here's some photo's to put a smile on your 'Irish side' today!

Lucy is all decked out in her hat & bow/ties to greet you at the door.
The door has a collection of green & the lucky four clover on it.

And why should Lucy have all the fun of this 'Irish Fun'?!!
 Smile if your Irish!

What fun it is when you can dress your Boston Terrier up too!
 Isn't he handsome, Boris is already wearing his black/white tuxedo. ;-)
If I would have know he was so eager to play dress up... Oh Boris wait till next month when you can be the Easter Rabbit!!

I borrowed the hat off of the brass ram. lol

OK I love St. Patrick's Day because of my proud grandma Haynes(Taff) as her family was from Ireland and a visit to her house was done every March 17th, I once took my one month old son over wearing green/white made her day!
She was a very feisty woman, I just loved her & I know she loved me.
 Here she is in her baseball uniform, way back in her younger days. She really looks like a flapper style girl. Grandma died in her own bed & was active till the end, she passed in 1999.

Jerry will be remembered too as he died this day last year. He was born 1999-2013. He was my three legged. one eye, wonder cat, oh yes he also had a heart murmur too.

But as it is said 'Better to have loved & lost, then to never have loved at all.'

Still remember & miss those that I've love though.

Mitchell's quilt is coming together with quite the challenge.
This is how a block looks if your NOT paying attention....

This is what it's suppose to look like! now to make 14 more just like it!
 This is what has been done so far. I'm so glad the spareroom is done & has nothing in it! It makes for a great audition wall. The quilt will finish nearly the size of the rug. lol
Here's a closer look at the 'Wildlife Swirls'.

More pet talk...
I saw Tommy sleeping in what I would call 'the fetal position', he was snoring away having a great sleep. I though he looked uncomfortable & then thought again, this is how he must have been as he was a kitten.

Happy St. Paddy's Day to all that stop by today!!


  1. Boris is awesome in green. lol... You go all the way for St patrick's day. I only wore my green barn work boots today and a green kaki work jacket,
    The quilt is coming along beautifully. I've been hooking when I have some spare time using only wool worm from my stash. I'm trying to do this challenge rug without cutting any more wool.
    We have 29 members in our Great Deworming Stash Marathon group on Rug Hooking Daily.

    Have a great week and think of Spring.

  2. Al wants to know what you are doing to his dog. lol Boris is looking right into the camera with that cute face as if he is saying "Help Me, anyone"
    I love Mitch's quilt. Great pattern and I love the way you used the outdoor fabric.

  3. Great pictures of Boris
    I am learn to make a star quilt, so hard to get the points just right..
    looking forward to seeing you.

  4. Reminiscing your grandma, your cat jerry, Mitchell’s quilt, and dressing your dog - You definitely make St. Patrick’s Day fun for all of you. But in all of these, the most heartwarming is reminiscing your grandma, which by the way looks very cool on her baseball uniform. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing more pics of Boris this coming Easter. :)

    Jennine, Uniforms Express