Monday, January 13, 2014

Special Day XO

 Boris Loree is staying warm these damp days in his basket.
 This breed of dog has to sleep beneath covers, every Boston Terrier owner I know has this trait too!
 I laugh when I think of what my grandson Emerson would say "Look Grammy, Boris is asleep in his nest." Yes it is his 'nest', life through the eyes of a child!


Yesterday was a very special day, my Father-in-law celebrated his 80th birthday!
Happy Birthday John!

 Eva, my Mother-in-law with her cousin Mary Ann.

 The room was a buzz with best wishes. Scott, his daughter Sidney, & Odette.
 John's daughter Maura & her husband Scott organized this special event, good times were had by all.

 John with Sydney, her eldest sister Olivia was unable to attend due to an overload of work at Sheridan College as she works towards her BA. The twin boys Lucas & Daniel are adorable, I finally got them straight after being with them for a while.

 Grandpa with his special girl, Sidney.

 Dave & Mary Ann drove up from Windsor to surprise John & it was a surprise!

 Me with the kids, Daniel & Sidney...someone is missing (yes your thinking Bill but he flew out that morning to Arizona USA, for the elevator code meeting)
 Here he is...  it's Lucas, the social butterfly, always a smile on that sweet face!

 The cake has arrived...
 Thinking of the wish...
Oh that cake looks good!

 Can you tell that chocolate cake is the boys favourite?

 Make the wish Grandpa so we can eat your cake. lol
 Happy Birthday Grandpa! Can I touch your badge?
Grandpa,  Sidney & her cousins...can you tell those boys apart? I think their mom Odette dresses them alike just to mess us up. lol
 Daniel is so serious, Lucas always smiling or is that Daniel?! lol

Brian, John's son, & the proud father of the 5 year old, twin boys.

 The kids want to taste that cake.

 Enough pictures Grandpa, cut your cake!
 Mary Ann helps with the serving, notice how the kids have disappeared...they're eating cake!
I've put my fork down to get these pictures. lol

 John watches as the cake is served. And yum! what a great chocolate cake it was!

 Good times were had by all!
Happy 80th  Birthday John, many more! XO

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  1. Happy Birthday to John. It looks like a great birthday party.

    Boris looks cute under the covers. I had a Chihuahua who did the same. he used his teethes to pull the blanket over his body and only his nose was left uncovered.

    It's warming up in our area. I hope for warmer temps.

    tay warm and safe.